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  • Steven Spielberg Talks about Lincoln in Virginia.

    Photos from Lincoln


    Walk in the Footsteps of Lincoln and Steven Spielberg

    Walk in the footsteps of the cast and crew of Steven Spielberg's masterpiece, Lincoln, filmed over 53 days in Virginia.


    Visited by Cast and CrewFilming Location

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    Visit Petersburg 
    Historic Richmond 

    Lincoln Movie Tours


    Lincoln 1865 Segway TourLincoln Walk - 1865 Segway Tour
    Segway of Richmond's tour follows the route taken by Abraham Lincoln and his son Tad after they disembarked from their boat at 17th and Dock Streets.
    Lincoln Tour on River City SegsLincoln in Richmond from River City Segs
    Abraham Lincoln walked and rode a carriage through Richmond near the end of the Civil War, now you can travel on a Segway!
    Center Hill MansionWalk in Lincoln's Final Footsteps
    See what he saw. Feel what he felt. With the Walk In Lincoln's Final Footsteps tour in Petersburg you can see where President Abraham Lincoln spent two of the last three weeks of his life before being assassinated.

    Lincoln in Virginia

    Lincoln statue in Richmond

    Historical Lincoln

    Lincoln spent much time in Virginia. Trace his footsteps. 


    Emancipation in Virginia

    In Virginia, the Emancipation Proclamation was first read under an oak tree in Hampton.  

    Lincoln Movie quotes

    LINCOLN filmed in Virginia

    "It really made sense to make the movie here." Rick Carter, Production Designer.