General's Ridge Vineyard
General's Ridge Vineyard
1618 Weldons Dr
Hague, VA 22469
Region Chesapeake Bay
Locality Westmoreland
Phone: (703) 313-9742
Friday - Sunday: (804) 493-0226

The Carriage House is a private, beautiful get-a-way environment that will truly allow the creativity to expand to another level. With 1,000 sq. ft. of conference room and many rooms above which can be used for receptions, dinners and smaller meetings, The Carriage house is the ideal location for your next off-site business meeting.
Enjoy a catered luncheon, cocktail hour, dinner and even lodging. What better way to motivate and educate your attendees.

Please call today for a tour of the facilities. For those larger special events, additional lodging is available within 10 minutes. We look forward to providing the setting to further your business.

The Manor House also has two large reception rooms that can also be used for dinners. It also includes a large kitchen, three bedrooms and a large wrap around porch.

Last Updated: 5/5/2010 11:30 AM