The Manor House at Prospect Hill Plantation
2887 Poindexter Road
Charlottessville Area, VA 23093
Region Central Virginia
Locality Louisa
Reservations: (540) 967-0844
Fax: (540) 967-0102
Events at Prospect Hill

An elegant country inn situated on an authentic 18th-century plantation complex, Prospect Hill's expansive and rolling grounds are simply stunning... it is difficult to imagine a more beautiful, natural, and historic setting to serve as the backdrop for the celebration of your marriage.  And with world-class food onsite, your guests will forever remember your wedding as the utmost in simple and classical elegance.

Companies find our facilities perfect for smaller meetings and retreats.  Leaving the voicemails, interruptions and sterile boardrooms behind, productivity and creativity increase as your team changes its scenery and discovers “blue-sky thinking”. Of course, we have the essentials... WiFi, private meeting room, gourmet snacks & meals, and incredibly unique lodging (if needed). On the other hand, we have distractions, too. But our distractions tend to be the chickens strolling by your window; or the bald eagles overhead, or simply that most rare and elusive feature... silence.


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