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45180 Business Court
Suite 100
Sterling, VA 20166
Region Northern Virginia
Locality Loudoun
Phone: (877) 705-7384
Trinity Conference Center

Why Videoconferencing?
Once in a while you need to meet face-to-face with employees, customers or prospects, but due to time and budget constraints, an on-site visit isn’t always possible. Videoconferencing makes it easy to connect with people anywhere in the world so your meeting, interview or companywide announcement becomes personal and affordable. Videoconferencing allows you to put a face to a name and convey your message the way you intend.

•Save time & money on business travel costs: flights, hotels, taxis/rental cars, plus time spent traveling when you are not able to work.
•Develop global opportunities: your customer or supplier market can be anywhere in the world. Don’t let distance be the deterring factor in your success.
•Improve client relations:
Meeting Space Available without Videoconferencing. Catering Available.

Last Updated: 3/23/2011 12:04 PM