A Stride Through Time – A Time Traveler’s Journey

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Day One

Begin your trip through time in the late 1500's at Agecroft Hall where you are "hired" as new servants. Learn about how to become an indentured servant. Once assigned your duty, you'll try it out before you sign an indenture contract and move to the New World.

Arrival – the New World! The re-created 1611 Cite of Henricus awaits your skills at Henricus Historical Park. The second successful English settlement after Jamestown takes you as an indentured servant in the Colony of Virginia – from military drills to bartering with the Virginia Indians.

Day Two

Walk the slave trails of enslaved Africans as they too, have been brought to the New World beginning in 1619. They didn't sign indentures; they were sold into slavery against their will. With drums and songs of their motherland, you'll experience this difficult journey.

It's 1775 and unrest is stirring in the colonies. Attend a meeting at St. John's Church to discuss the tyranny of England! Relive the Second Virginia Convention where Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and others are gathered. Engage in arguments of oppression and hear Patrick Henry passionately argue the colonists' rights. Witness his final plea to "Give me liberty or give me death!" Cast your vote and prepare for battle!

Freedom from England comes and our government is forming. Visit the Virginia State Capitol, designed by Thomas Jefferson in 1788. You'll learn the history of the legislative process and even how a bill becomes law.

Day Three

In less than a hundred years, you're at war again in 1861. Only this time, it's different.

The American Civil War Center tells the Civil War era like never before. You'll study causes, effects and major events from interwoven historical perspectives: Union, Confederate and African American.

It's 1945 and World War II is over. Imagine yourself in the Kovno Ghetto concentration camp at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. Hands-on exhibits, resource center and a Kosher meal for lunch brings hope and reflection.

Zip through time to the new millennium. The Science Museum of Virginia has activities from aerospace to physical science. Watch giant screen shows at the Ethyl IMAX Dome and Planetarium.

Day Four

Experience modern day fun with twists and turns at Kings Dominion, featuring one of the largest roller coaster collections on the East Coast!

Log off, time traveler and return home after experiencing 400 plus years in the Historic Richmond Region!

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