Architecture - The Stories behind the Structures

Ceiling at Kenmore
Ceiling at Kenmore
706 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Region Northern Virginia
Locality Fredericksburg City
Phone: (717) 581-5333
Phone: (866) 681-5333
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With three centuries of architecture, Fredericksburg is a paradise for those with an interest in building design. Each of the structures has a story to tell. For example, 214 Caroline Street is a post-Revolutionary house built by Dr. Charles Mortimer. Many architectural delights will encompass this private tour. See the beautiful architecture of meaningful homes in Fredericksburg. Discover the distinctive construction of several historic churches in town. Hear the stories connected to each of the buildings as you progress. Lengthen your experience to include Kenmore Plantation by taking a look at their restoration project. Complete the day at the Fredericksburg Area Museum with a wine and cheese reception before a very special tour through the museum. There are many other options throughout the area. Just ask us!

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