County of Bath Through the Looking Glass

A picture of the La Sardinia Lomography camera and a old Cokin Adapter.
Downtown Hot Springs in the early hours.  Star burst affect of lights created by the Lomography camera, a Cokin star Filter with an old Cokin Adapter.
This lovely night shot of the Homestead decorated for Christmas is done with time lapsed exposure on the Lomography camera.
This timed exposure shot of a golfer at the first tee of the Old Course suggests the golfer is more ghost than human.
An exterior shot of the woman's Bath House at the Jefferson pools.  The oldest wooden bath house in the United States this shot shows the true Victorian nature of the period in which the bathes were built.
A long shot of the Jefferson Pools Bath Houses, the multi-exposure illustrates one of the features of the Lomography camera.
As you enter the bath house the warmth of the water envelopes you, but what strikes you is the clarity of the water.  You can easily see the stones that line the bottom of the bathes. You see the sunshine as it reflects down on the interior pools.
An otherworldly view of the pools created by timed exposure and the naturally muted light within the bathes.   Light darts in from the tiny windows but rather than illuminating the space creates shafts of light that are ghostly.
Another timed exposure that captures the steam as it rises from the 95 degree water. The muted light from the windows along with the timed exposure creates an otherworldly space.
This timed exposure picture of Garth Newel musicians in rehearsal demonstrates their exhilarating motion of their dramatic movement as the artists practice their craft for an upcoming performance.
The sun is shown slipping behind the horizon, exposing the final light of day as the sky shimmers and is enveloped by the gray of dusk.
The giant wheels of the original Gristmill are in the forefront of what is now the wine cellar for a popular restaurant and inn called the Waterwheel Restaurant at Grist Mill Square.  One of several unique dining experiences you can enjoy during your visit.
They call it old school, a camera with film. But look what magical images this camera creates!
65 Courthouse Hill Road
Warm Springs, VA 24484
Region Shenandoah Valley
Locality Bath
Phone: (540) 839-7202

Whether you're interested in visiting the world-renowned Homestead Resort, a quaint bed & breakfast for a relaxing vacation, attending a concert at the prestigious Garth Newel Music Center, or enjoying a soak in the world famous Jefferson Pools the County of Bath has an endless array of exciting adventures just waiting to be discovered.

If you visit the County of Bath, what will you find? You will find something, remarkable.

Want to see? Through the looking glass of an “old school” camera called a VIFL Sardinia Lomography camera begin your adventure with an early hour’s stroll of Main Street Hot Springs. Are those stars or lights that lead the way?

A few steps more and you are at the famous Omni Homestead Resort, here decorated for Christmas. The lights twinkle like hundreds of candles on the lawn. As dawn breaks at the Homesteads' Old Course First tee, we are joined by a ghostly spectre.

Next stop, the Jefferson Pools, the oldest wooden bath houses in the United States in operation! Steam hovers over the bathhouses, inviting us in for a soak. We are welcomed by warm, clear water; a constant 95 degree temps, bathed in sunshine. The water is so clear that you can easily see the stones that hold the warmth of the water. Look up and you can see the sun shimmering through the opening that releases the steam, here reflected on the water as well. Hmm, soaking has transported us to some other place; these lights suggest perhaps another world? Bliss, it is the only way to explain what floating at the Jefferson Pools feels like! Here you are in the woman's pools. Feel the steam rise, soak in the warmth of the water, natural light through small windows dimly lights the room, adding to the relaxation of the experience.

At the Garth Newel Music Center, enjoy world class chamber music and food! Here our musicians practice for an upcoming performance. In this picture you can “feel” the music, and almost hear it .

Sunset, a full day of play in Bath County is done. Watch the sun slip away at Ingalls Overlook .Visit the wine cellar at the Waterwheel Restaurant at Gristmill Square, one of several unique dining experiences you can enjoy during your visit, Enjoy a meal, a glass of wine and relive your visit to a magical place.

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