Culinary & Winery Tour

Williamsburg Winery
Williamsburg Winery
421 North Boundary Street
Post Office Box 3495
Williamsburg, VA 23187
Region Hampton Roads
Locality Williamsburg City
Phone: (800) 368-6511
Office: (757) 229-6511
Direct Line: (757) 253-2265
Fax: (757) 253-1397
Culinary & Winery Tour

The Williamsburg Winery, established in 1985, is Virginia’s largest winery with an annual production of some 60,000 cases. From traditional colonial fodder and upscale dining to cooking classes and farmer's market fare, the area's cuisine caters to all appetites.

Day One - Head over to The Williamsburg Winery encompassing over 320 acres, the Winery offers tours and Reserve Tastings, focusing on the dedication and passion behind oenology (winemaking). Spend the afternoon at Berkeley Plantation in Charles City! Considered the most historic plantation in Virginia, Berkeley was host to the first observed Thanksgiving in 1619!

Day Two - Come early to the Yorktown Market Days at the River! Local farmers, watermen, bakers and artisans are featured here at the seasonal event which is held at Riverwalk Landing. Spend the afternoon aboard the magnificent ship, the Schooner Alliance. Then onto Kingsmill Resort & Spa which offers upscale catering encounters through its flavors of Kingsmill Culinary Academy. Impressive chef demonstrations include fun lectures, food presentation and samplings.

Day Three - Spend the day in Colonial Williamsburg, where the history is rich and the food is richer. For a special sweet treat, visit Christiana Campbell’s Tavern and enjoy an afternoon tea with Mrs. Campbell herself! In the heart of Colonial Williamsburg is Merchants Square, a superb shopping experience for any group visitor. The Merchants Square stores offer everything from clothing and toys to folk art and Williamsburg gift items - and of course, gourmet specialty foods, including Virginia hams and peanuts, homemade candies fine wine, cheese and other culinary goodies! Hundreds of years ago, the King’s Arms Tavern was considered an elite dining spot where the noblest of patrons frequented.

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