Farm Fresh Food Shopping Extravaganza

Inglewood Lavender Farm
4638 Variety Mills Road
Arrington, VA 22922
Region Central Virginia
Locality Nelson
Phone: (434) 263-4558

A fun-filled day of delicious farm fresh food shopping at local, family-owned and operated businesses.  You will be offered a wide array of farms and shops that do vastly different things in vastly different ways! 

Start your day off right at Trager Brothers Coffee - our very own 100% organic micro-roastery. Choose from a large selection of blends, buy a cup on the spot or grab a bag of whole or ground beans to bring home.  For children, or if coffee just isn't your thing, I HIGHLY recommend the vanilla steamer!

With cup in hand, drive a few short minutes to Drumheller's Apple and Peach Orchard.  Full of delicous treats, cider, country ham, pumpkins, pastries, and the like.  I recommend the apple butter, ask how you can use it in cooking and get some great ideas!

Hop in your car for the 10 or 15 minute drive on scenic country roads to Hungry Hill Farm - producers of honey and shiitake mushrooms.  Ask for a demonstration of how both are made/grown, and receive the kind of knowledge only 30 years of experience can provide.  Ask to taste the raspberry honey, if available!  Buy raw honey, beeswax, mushrooms, and hive kits.

Only 1/2 mile away, Inglewood Lavender Farm will allow you to rest after your busy, happy morning. If you have booked a massage in advance, now is the time to get it!  Or, if you have brought a picnic, pick a table or find a spot in the field to lay out your blanket.  Breathe deeply to allow the lavender to do what it does best - relax and de-stress.  Enjoy photographing the lavender and Dorset sheep.  Check out our shop for a wide variety of wonderful lavender products.

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