Fredericksburg Virginia Trails (Presidents)

The James Monroe Museum
The James Monroe Museum
706 Caroline St.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Region Northern Virginia
Locality Fredericksburg City
Phone: (540) 372-1216
Toll Free: (866) 405-3046
Fax: (540) 372-6587

George Washington influenced not only Fredericksburg's history but also the new nation he helped form. This tour emphasizes the Washington family and the beginning of James Monroe's career.   You'll be walking along the same streets that Washington and Monroe traversed when they lived here. 

Day One:

Begin your tour at Ferry Farm, site of Washington's boyhood home, followed by visits to his mother's last home, the Mary Washington House, his brother's home which later became the Rising Sun Tavern, his sister's home, Kenmore, and the medical office of his friend, Hugh Mercer.

Day Two:

Your first stop is at the Fredericksburg Area Museum offering a glimpse into the life of Washington as a Mason.

 President James Monroe started his law practice in Fredericksburg. The James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library offers an opportunity to see the fine decorative art collections of James and Elizabeth Monroe.

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