History Plus Mystery Equals Newport News

Newport News:  The Paranormal Tour
Newport News: The Paranormal Tour
13560 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23603
Region Hampton Roads
Locality Newport News City
Brochure & Travel Info: (757) 926-1442
Brochure & Travel Info: (888) 493-7386
Fax: (757) 926-1441
Email bkleiss@nngov.com
Website www.newport-news.org

You know the history... with always a bit of mystery. Come experience all this area's past and all that has gone on before us. Explore the areas that make you go hmmm....

Day One (PM)

Dare to the venture to the dark side of Busch Gardens for the annual fear fest, Howl-O-Scream. Hair-raising scares, sinister shows and gruesome creatures that stalk the park are the center of attraction in Busch Gardens' celebration of the macabre.

Day Two

Hear stories and battle cries of sailors past at the USS Monitor Center at The Mariners' Museum. Visitors will be able to walk on the deck of a full-scale replica of the USS Monitor, step inside the "battle theater" and experience the action during the Battle of Hampton Roads and much more.

Lunch at Hilton Tavern

Historic Hilton Village. The nation's first Federal War Housing project, this planned community was sponsored by the U. S. Shipping Board and the Newport News Shipyard on the site of J. Pembroke Jones' Warwick County farm "Hilton".

Tour historic St Luke's, circa 1632, oldest church of English origin in America.Tour the unique and charming town of Smithfield. Packed with ham, history and hospitality.Dinner in Smithfield.

Day Three

Tour Greenlawn Cemetery, site of Civil War POW camp.

Then, take a guided tour of Newport News.

After lunch, travel to Endview Plantation, where you will see video and listen to actual electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recordings from investigations conducted by RTL Paranormal, a local paranormal investigation group. The home was used briefly as a Confederate hospital in the spring of 1862 and was then occupied by Union forces until 1864.

The paranormal adventure continues with a Civil War themed evening at The Boxwood Inn, a 1896 Southern mansion. Tonight, you'll feast on a traditional plantation dinner, followed by an actual paranormal investigation with team members from RTL Paranormal. They will teach your group all about the tools and methods used to capture evidence of ghosts among us.

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