Jackson River, Ft. Dinwiddie, Lake Moomaw and VEPCO DriveTour

Lake Moomaw
Lake Moomaw
The Visitor Center
2696 Main Street
Hot Springs, VA 24445
Region Shenandoah Valley
Locality Bath
Phone: (540) 839-7202
Visitor Center: (800) 628-8092
Website www.discoverbath.com

The forts have long since disappeared and the lands on which they stood are privately owned but we invite you to drive the roads,and reflect on a very young George Washington whose responsiblity it was to protect the early settlers of Bath County. In the mid-18th Century pioneers hungry for land came to Bath County. Driven from their hunting grounds Shawnee, Mingo and Delaware tribes attacked settlers as they attempted to carve out farms. Fortified houses and forts provided protection. In 1755-56 Washington toured these strongholds. The exact site of Ft. Dinwiddie on the Jackson is known based on archeological evidence.

From Warm Springs go west on Rt.39. You will pass Garth Newel, and the Homestead,as you head 4 miles to the bridge over the Jackson. Ft. Dinwiddie (also called Ft. Byrd and Ft. Warwick)stood upriver from the bridge with a depressed passage to the river to assure access to the water. It was garrisoned from 1755. John Byrd's family settled on lands by the bridge. In mid-September the family of 6 was ambushed, Byrd was killed. His wife and 6 children were taken to Ohio to live among the indians. A decade later 4 children were returned, 1 married and remained with her Shawnee captors.

Go west to Mountain Grove where Rt. 600 doglegs. Go left or south to Lake Moomaw a flood control project for the Jackson and James Rivers with boating,fishing and camping facilities. Continue on to head of the Lake along the Jackson then continue left on Rt.687 through the village of Bacova to Rt. 39. Bacova takes its name from BAth COunty VA and was built in the 1920's as a company town for the Tidewater Oil Company. The town was later renovated in the 60's and became home of the Bacova Guild Ltd. Remain on Rt. 39 turn right and return to Warm Springs.

OR, at Mountain Grove Rt. 600 turn right to the Virginia Power Project the largest pumped power generation project in the world. There is a small recreational area here for swimming, fishing and picnics.

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