Lavender Pampering and Wine Tasting

Inglewood Lavender Farm
4638 Variety Mills Road
Arrington, VA 22922
Region Central Virginia
Locality Nelson
Phone: (434) 263-4558

Schedule your lavender massage in our private outdoor curtained tent above the lavender and sheep fields. (not available for large groups).  When you are finished, enjoy strolling through our fields and browsing in our shop - admission to the farm is free! Bring a camera for the many photo opportunities including amazing scenery and adorable farm animals!  Check our website for seasonal hours of operation or call to schedule an appointment outside of our regular hours.

When you are ready, head on over to the Lovingston Winery, about 10 minutes away. Lovingston Winery, located in the rolling countryside of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is dedicated to the production of the highest-quality wines. Primarily family-run along with head winemaker Riaan Rossouw, they take great pride in offering a pleasing experience in every bottle. The Josie’s Knoll Vineyard site consists of 8.5 acres of densely-planted vines — ranging from the Bordeaux varietals of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot to the South African Pinotage as well as Seyval Blanc and Chardonnay. This “dense-planting” — 1200 vines to the acre — stems from the idea that by limiting the number of grape bunches a vine is able to produce, that vine concentrates all of its energy into those fewer clusters, increasing the quality of the fruit. The winery, built into a hillside on the family farm, employs a gravity-flow production method, allowing them to virtually eliminate the use of pumps and other mechanization they believe detracts from the wines. In addition, they ferment the grapes in relatively small quantities to allow for a more hands-on approach to winemaking and increased quality control.

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