Lincoln's Last Journey

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Day One: Hopewell and Petersburg

We will transport you to Appomattox Plantation in Hopewell, originally City Point. This port became the largest supply base in the world. General Grant made his headquarters on the lawn of the mansion, built in 1755 by the Eppes family. Visit the manor house and also Grant's cabin. Thousands of tents covered the front lawn. Some were barracks; some were hospital facilities, with more than 6,000 beds. Walk down to the water's edge and view the Appomattox and James rivers where hundreds of ships brought tons of supplies daily. View the site where President Lincoln's ship, River Queen, was anchored.

We then move to Petersburg to witness the scene of a 10-month siege by the Federal Army, ultimately choking the Confederates' supply lines. Visit the Wallace house on Brown Street. This was the site of President Lincoln's next-to-last meeting with Grant. Travel to Richmond and check into hotel. Dinner is at any number of area restaurants.

Day Two: Richmond

Then we move to Richmond and walk in the footsteps of Lincoln as he comes to witness the destruction of the Confederate Capitol caused by the Evacuation Fire. This walking/riding tour will trace the path taken by Lincoln and his son, Tad, on April 4th, 1865. View the historic area from a prospective as if you were in the president's party. Visit the site of the infamous Libby Prison, Tredegar Iron Works, the Provost Marshal's office, Virginia State Capitol (1788) that served as the Capitol of the Confederacy simultaneously during that period (1861-1865). Your tour guide will take you on a private guided tour through the Virginia State Capitol. The CSA Treasury Building, Virginia Governor's Mansion and the White House of the Confederacy are also seen while tracking Lincoln's final days. Appomattox is only five days away and the assassination of President Lincoln is only 10 days away.

While you depart for home, President Lincoln and Tad took the barge back to the USS Malvern returning to City Point. He then boards the River Queen. Mary and her party join him. They revisit Petersburg on Saturday and then steam up to Washington, arriving there on Sunday evening, April 9th.

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