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The Natural Bridge-look closely.
The Natural Bridge of Virginia
US 11 & 130, 15 Appledore Lane
Natural Bridge, VA 24578
Region Shenandoah Valley
Locality Rockbridge
Phone: (540) 291-2121
Phone: (800) 533-1410

Experience a natural wonder, natural beauty, The Natural Bridge. Do it old school style- linger, look around, take your time, and you'll discover photo opportunities like no other.

The Natural Bridge, like Niagara Falls, was a natural wonder of the new world that fascinated people and drew visitors from afar. In awe of it, Thomas Jefferson purchased the immense rock bridge from the King of England; and before that, George Washington surveyed the area, and carved his initials in the Bridge.

Its fame took off once Jefferson's French colleagues visited; talk about old school, they covered the "new world" on horseback!  They returned to France with its massive measurements, then drew it.  Captivated by it, artists illustrated and painted The Natural Bridge; others wrote about it; Herman Melville referenced it in his famous novel, Moby Dick. Word got out, old school style. They came on horse, stagecoach, train, eventually car (The Bridge carries U.S. 11 and its traffic across the canyon). One of the country's first tourist attractions, natural wonders, and Blue Ridge mountain retreats, The Bridge is now a National Historic Landmark and Civil War Trails site.

Stay on-site at the historic Natural Bridge Hotel- in charming old school style.  Make time to walk the Cedar Creek Trail past the Bridge to experience Monacan Indian Living History, Lost River, and Lace Falls. 

The Natural Bridge is on U.S. 11 & 130, off I-81, exits 175 & 180; and off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Instead of horse, go 1930s old school, drive U.S. 11 to historic Lexington and explore more of Rockbridge County.

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