Naval History and Patriotic Pride

232 East Main Street
Norfolk, VA 23510
Region Hampton Roads
Locality Norfolk City
Phone: (800) 368-3097

Day One

 Spend the afternoon strolling through history at the Armed Forces Memorial. Bronze letters are scattered throughout the park. Each letter is a letter written to home from a solider at war.

Savor dinner at Omar's Carriage House. Built in the early 1840's, this building is a historic site in Norfolk.

Day Two

Learn about Norfolk's past and present highlights on a guided bus tour of the city.

Spend the afternoon at Nauticus, an interactive science and technology center, where you can explore the power of the sea. While there, step aboard the Battleship Wisconsin, one of the last and largest battleships built by the US Navy. Stand beneath her 16-inch guns and feel the excitement of being aboard an historic warship. Stroll through the Hampton Roads Naval Museum and experience 200 years of Naval history in Hampton Roads.

Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the Norfolk Skyline with lunch aboard the Spirit of Norfolk, listening to great music and dancing as you cruise Norfolk's historic waterways. The Spirit of Norfolk will provide a narrated tour of Naval Station Norfolk by water, giving the best views of U.S. Naval fleet.

Take part in a guided bus tour of the world's largest naval installation, Naval Station Norfolk. A knowledgeable, active duty Navy guide will give a narrated tour of the base highlighting the U.S. Naval Fleet, Admirals Row, and how the base is a working city.

Dine at No Frill Bar & Grill located in Norfolk's Historic Ghent. Specializing in sandwiches, wraps, full-course entrées and overflowing concoctions from the bar.

Day Three

Discover the compelling story of General Douglas MacArthur and the millions of Americans who served our nation through five wars at The Douglas MacArthur Memorial.  Situated in downtown Norfolk Virginia, the Memorial consists of a museum, archives and research center, education center, theater, welcome center and a gift shop. 

Enjoy lunch at MacArthur's 600-seat food court or at one of its numerous sit-down restaurants. This vast selection of food offers something for everyone.

Board the Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise for a two-hour narrated cruise which offers the fastest way to see destroyers, frigates, nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers at Norfolk Naval Station.

Dine at the Freemason Abbey Restaurant and Tavern, a restaurant located in an over 135 year-old renovated church in the historic Freemason Harbor area of Norfolk.

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