Ready, Set, Paddle!

Ready, Set, Paddle!
Ready, Set, Paddle!
860 Greenbrier Circle, Suite 101
Chesapeake, VA 23320
Region Hampton Roads
Locality Chesapeake City
Phone: (757) 502-4898
Toll-Free: (888) 889-5551
Fax: (757) 502-8016
Ready, Set, Paddle!

Day one – Enjoy a hearty breakfast at Cracker Barrel before heading out to one of the only two natural lakes in VA. Beginning at the historic Dismal Swamp Canal part of the Intracoastal Waterway. From there follow the Feeder Ditch through the refuge to the spillway. From the spillway it is only a quarter mile to Lake Drummond. Paddle north along the eastern shore of the lake where you will see hundreds of cypress trees growing just off shore. You return along the same course and have lunch at the spillway before paddling back out the Feeder Ditch. You are paddling for approximately 5 hours with several breaks and lunch. You will paddle 10 to 12 miles at a leisurely pace. Once back on shore, head back to your hotel and freshen up for dinner at any of the wonderful restaurants in Chesapeake. Day two – Stock up on protein and carbohydrates at a local favorite. The Egg Bistro combines a mom-and-pop diner with upscale bistro food to create a relaxed family environment. After breakfast head to the NC line towards Currituck. Hop onto the Currituck Sound ferry which will take you over to Knott’s Island, NC. The ferry trip is five miles long and takes 45 minutes. Once aboard, passengers are able to leave their vehicles and walk around to enjoy the beautiful view of Currituck Sound. Once on land head over to the eastern side of Knott’s Island. Begin by paddling across Knott’s Island Bay and exploring the marsh along the barrier peninsula where the waterway cuts inland, deep into the maritime forest. The forest is unique to this location. Enjoy lunch on the barrier peninsula and then return to Knott’s Island after weaving your way through the marshes. This is approximately an 8 hour trip. Board the Currituck ferry again and head back to Chesapeake. Enjoy dinner at Surf Rider. Seafood is a main feature of the menu, but one can also find hearty steaks and chicken dishes, too. *Kayak tours & rentals, courtesy of Adventure Kayak Tours

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