Step-on Guided Tour of Hampton

120 Old Hampton Road
Hampton, VA 23669
Region Hampton Roads
Locality Hampton City
Monday, June 30, 2014 - Saturday, June 27, 2015
Phone: (800) 487-8778
Phone: (800) 800-2202
Phone: (757) 728-5319
Bruce Newton, CTP
Luci Cochran
Hampton History Museum

A visit to the Hampton History Museum reveals how Hampton became America's Gateway and critical to four centuries of national history. Explore the chronicle of man in America through the story of this city by the sea from early Native American culture to man's reach into space and the United States military's proud role in Hampton Roads.

Go beyond the walls of the museum as you visit sites throughout the City to learn of pivotal events in our nation's history and view the locations where they took place. Stops include St. John's Church and the Emancipation Oak. Established in 1610, St. John's is the oldest continuous English-speaking parish in the US and is an active church today. The mighty Emancipation Oak, 98 feet in diameter and designated as one of the 10 great trees of the world by the National Geographic Society is the location where newly freed African-Americans gathered to hear the first Southern reading of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Continue the riding tour to "Little Chicago" Phoebus and take a driving & walking tour of historic Fort Monroe to include Quarters No. 1, Robert E. Lee's quarters, Battle of the Ironclads, the 1802 Lighthouse, history of the Hygeia and Chamberlin Hotels and the origin and importance of "Old Point Comfort."

Admission Fee: All step-on guided tours require a visit to the Hampton History Museum at the group rate of $3 per person. Step-On Guide fees are $110 for the first two hours and $40 each additional hour. Guide price is one guide per coach or walking tour. Tours are customized for each group's interest. Transportation not included.

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