The Civil War Soldier's Story

Soldier's diary
Soldier's diary
Fredericksburg, VA
Region Northern Virginia
Locality Fredericksburg City
Phone: (717) 581-5333
Phone: (866) 681-5333

Brass bands and parades were not the life of a common soldier. Although we associate the Civil War to men like Lee and Grant, it was the common man, and in some cases women, who we sometimes forget. Delve into the lives of the common soldier.

Highlights of this tour include:

Stop off at the White Oak Museum. Every soldier has a tale and we will examine some of them.

Pay a visit to the Civil War Life - The Soldier's Museum. The curator will take you on a special tour of the exhibits. A narrated, 3-D slide show will tell the story of a new, popular photographic process called "Stereograph".

Couple this with a guided battlefield tour of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Wilderness OR Spotsylvania.

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