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Booker T. Washington National Monument
12130 Booker T. Washington Highway
Hardy, VA 24101
Region Central Virginia
Locality Bedford
Park's phone: (540) 721-2094
Personal Cellular: (540) 314-3748
Speaker's phone: (251) 473-3532
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Quote from the book by Paulette Davis Horton, titled "Death in 60 Days, Who Silenced Booker T. Washington? A Nurse's View":  

"In praising the works of Booker T. Washington, S.G. McCormick once asked Julius Rosenwald, 'How did he get his amazing common sense; whence came his keenness and accuracy of intuition; who taught him the meaning of beauty, of order, of system, of the relationship of little things to big? How did he learn to conceive of duties and rights as he did and never to speak of the one without emphasizing the other? What other dreamer among the stars ever walked so firmly upon the earth and saw realities and put them into all of his life as did Booker T. Washington? 

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