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    Cider is fermented apple juice just as wine is fermented grape juice. The best cider, just like the best wine, is carefully crafted from fruit chosen for cider making. That brown stuff you buy in the grocery store juice section is just that, apple juice. In colonial America, fermented cider was the drink of choice. Thomas Jefferson’s champagne-like cider, made with Hewe’s Crabapples, was his “table drink”. Throughout the 19th century, growing apples and crafting cider from cider apples was an integral part of every community. Many Virginia cidermakers now aim to revive the cider tradition by growing, or encouraging others to grow cider apples, and by crafting fine cider.




    Celebrating a Virginia tradition of creating hard cider.

    Cider Week is November 14-24, 2014.

    In 2012, Virginia became the first state to have an official “Cider Week” proclaimed by its governor. This year Virginia Cider Week takes place November 14-24, with special tastings, pairings, dinners, events and workshops such as the selection below.



Don't miss these special events for Virginia Cider Week!

Keswick - Nov. 23 - Cider Fest - Join us at Castle Hill Cider for cider tastings, music and more from 10am -6pm. All day music and ... read more...

Timberville - Nov. 14 - 23 - Cider Week Virginia at Old Hill Cider - Cider Week Virginia is the celebration of cider revival! Join us in reviving an American tradition! ... read more...

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