Virginia is for Pet Lovers

  • Dog at a State Park cabin

    Dogs are welcome at all Virginia State Parks. Nothing's more fun than letting your dog walk beside you along the trails, eating hotdogs straight from the campfire and snuggling together in the tent.

    dog at an event

    Pets like to have fun too! Please visit Virginia's Events for up-to-date events, and check ahead of time to see if your furry friends can accompany you.

    dog with a crab

    Careful where you sniff! There is so much to see and do in Virginia, why not let your pet experience it too? Get outdoors in Virginia!

    Veritas vineyard

    Sip with your pup! Many of Virginia's wineries and breweries welcome your pets. Check out these pet-friendly wineries and breweries. Veritas Vineryards is pictured above.

    shopping with a dog

    Main Street Explore small towns and out of the way places with your pup. Shop, eat, drink and be merry! Fido too!

    walking with dog at the beach

    Beach bum! Virginia's beaches are a haven for dogs. Bring your pet for a little fun in the sun! Be sure to check the regulations at each destination before you head out.

    horse trails

    If you love horses, you'll love Virginia! Saddle up for great mountain trail rides, pristine waterside strolls, and rolling pasture gallops.

    horse boarding

    Bring your horse! Virginia has many options for boarding your horse. Why leave him at home? Need a little practice? Check out riding lessons as well. 

  • People travel with their pets for practical and sentimental reasons . . .

    Why leave members of your family back at home when all you'll do is wish they were with you on your vacation? Virginia wants you to bring your pets along with you!

    More and more places accommodate animals today — hotels and campgrounds, state parks and outdoor shopping centers, tourist attractions and outdoor events — so that our four-legged friends can feel part of the fun.

    Of course, service and guide dogs are welcome everywhere with their humans!


  • Tips for Traveling with your Pet

    Veterinarian's Advice

    Dr. Mark Gottschalk, a veterinarian at Wellesley Animal Hospital in Richmond, has recommended the following travel tips:

    • Make sure your travel destination allows pets.
    • Have the proper travel equipment, such as kennels, crates or pet carriers. If traveling by air or train, consult the carrier for specific requirements.
    • If sedating your pet for the trip, consult your veterinarian for an appropriate tranquilizer, and first try the tranquilier at home.
    • While traveling, make frequent stops to allow for exercise, food and water.
    • Make sure your pet is on a leash at all times when outside the car.
    • Never leave your pet unattended in a car, especially in the heat!
    • When you reach your destination, confine your pet to a small area — such as the bathroom — to allow it to become familiar with its new surroundings and to recover from any stress of traveling.

    Click here to find a Virginia Veterinarian.

    What to pack for your pet

    • Pet Carrier
    • Leash
    • Collar, ID Tags
    • Food, Water
    • Bedding/Blankie
    • Pooper Scooper
    • Litter Supplies
    • Favorite Toy
    • Shot Records
    • Medicines
    • First Aid Kit
    • Grooming Supplies
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