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Winchester Frederick County

Winchester and Frederick County, at the top of the Shenandoah Valley and Virginia, was once Shawnee Indian camping grounds. Pennsylvania Quakers traveled the Indian path when they came to settle the area in 1732. In the mid-1700's, Frederick County became the military and political training ground for George Washington, who came here at the age of 16 to survey the land. Washington built Fort Loudoun during the French and Indian War and at 26, was elected to his first public office as the county's representative to the House of Burgesses. During the Revolutionary War, Daniel Morgan's Riflemen from Frederick County were among the first who went to Washington's aid against the British. By 1825, stagecoaches were running on the Indian path, now called The Great Road, and Frederick County towns – Winchester, Stephens City and Middletown – provided relaxing stops for dusty, weary travelers.

In Winchester-Frederick County, visitors following the Wilderness Road will get a better view of history when they explore relics of the era: old homes built of native limestone, George Washington's headquarters, the ruins of an old church used as barracks during the Revolutionary War, the oldest tombstone in the Shenandoah Valley, an inn that has welcomed travelers since 1797, an 18th century grain and livestock farm, and much more.

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