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Blacksburg & Christiansburg

In 1774 Daniel Boone stopped for an extended stay in a little community in Southwest Virginia called Christiansburg, where his friend Davy Crockett worked at a Haberdashery. While there Mr. Boone (or Dan'l as his friends called him) and his men stopped to fill their bellies and gather supplies as they blazed the Wilderness Trail. The kind citizens loaned Dan'l the 45 pound, 18 shilling & ten pence (this was, of course, before we gained our independence from the British) he needed for supplies, which he promptly forgot to repay. Being law abiding citizens, they formally lodged a complaint with the Magistrate who then issued a warrant for Mr. Boone's arrest. However, the famous traveler was never pursued by the citizens and the warrant is still outstanding to this day! The citizens of Christiansburg and Montgomery County have long since forgiven Dan'l and today we celebrate his travels through our area with the Wilderness Trail Festival, held each year on the third Saturday in September.

Our ‘Home of Heroes' reputation doesn't stop there! Many other famous Americans lived, worked and contributed to the rich history of the area including; George Washington, Meriwether Lewis & William Clark, Booker T. Washington, Brigadier General Richard Montgomery, Andrew Jackson, Colonel William Christian, Colonel Robert Preston, John Floyd, James Patton Preston, George Hancock, Audie Murphy and more.

We continue to produce great American Heroes to this day at Virginia Tech, Home of the Hokies, Virginia's largest university and throughout all of our great communities. Join thousands of people from all over the country who come to enjoy the same great hospitality the heroes of American history have enjoyed. (Just don't forget to pay your bill when you leave!) Visit Virginia's Home of Heroes!

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