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As one of the earliest settlements west of the Blue Ridge, the town of Fincastle was established as the county seat of the newly formed county of Botetourt in 1772. Lewis and Clark strolled along the streets of Fincastle . . . and William Clark, after his return from the Expedition . . . married there. (Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society, Winter, 1970). Fincastle Museum

Historic Fincastle Today

Fincastle was incorporated in 1772 and has been the County seat for Botetourt County since that time. It is currently a town of 350 people and is a virtual museum of American architecture from the late 1770's through the 21st. Century. Both the County Courthouse and the museum are filled with records of families who migrated through the Shenandoah Valley on their way south and west. An historic tour of this quaint village is availble, through Historic Fincastle, Inc. William Clark (Lewis and Clark) married local resident, Judith Hancock, after the great expedition. The center of town, Courthouse Square, contains the famous courthouse reportedly designed by Thomas Jefferson. It is one of 100 contributing buildings to the Historic District that has both state and national designation.

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