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Natural Tunnel State Park
1420 Natural Tunnel Parkway
Duffield, VA 24244

Phone: (276) 940-2674
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Historical Significance Natural Tunnel - -

Nature's marvel in stone and a landmark on the Wilderness Road after 1800. During the past summer, I visited a remarkable natural bridge in Scott County, Virginia, to which I have given the name of Natural Tunnel, on account of its striking resemblance to artificial structures of that kind. - Lt. Col. Stephen Long - 1832

Natural Tunnel Today

More than 850 feet long and as high as a 10-story building, Natural Tunnel was naturally carved through a limestone ridge over thousands of years. William Jennings Bryan called it the Eighth Wonder of the World. Other scenic features include a wide chasm between steep stone walls surrounded by several pinnacles, or chimneys. Facilities include a campground, picnic areas, amphitheater, visitor center and gift shop, historical blockhouse, swimming pool and chair lift to the tunnel floor. The park also offers cave tours and canoe trips on the Clinch River, as well as the Cove Ridge Center, which offers environmental education, conference facilities and overnight dorm accommodations.

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