Hungry Mother State Park

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Historical Significance Early autumn at Hungry Mother Lake - Photo by Barbara DeBord

The park took its name from the legend of a woman named Molly Marley. Her husband murdered, Molly and her toddler were allegedly captured by Indians and taken captive across the mountain. Escaping with her child, she braved the elements, wandering starved and alone. Collapsing at the foot of what is now known as Molly's knob. She did not survive the ordeal, but when her child was found by local settlers, he tried to convey his mother's plight: Hungry Mother!

Hungry Mother State Park Today

Long a family favorite and known for its beautiful woodlands and placid 108-acre lake in the heart of the mountains, Hungry Mother has a sandy beach with bathhouse, boats and boat launch, universally accessible fishing pier, campgrounds, cabins, a fantastic restaurant, a gift shop, a visitor center, a five-bedroom lodge that sleeps 16, and hiking and biking trails. It's also home to the Hemlock Haven Conference Center, which is perfect for retreats, conferences and special events. Special events include the Mountain Do Triathlon in April and Hungry Mother Arts and Crafts Festival in July. It's four miles north of Marion on State Route 16.

On Hungry Mother State Park