Virginia is for Lovers

Virginia is for History Lovers

Colonial Williamsburg


Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Virginia is for History Lovers

George Washington's Mount Vernon

Virginia is for History Lovers

Tredegar Civil War Center

Virginia is for History Lovers


Virginia is for History Lovers

Emancipation Oak

Virginia is for History Lovers

Carter Family Fold

Virginia is for History Lovers

Wilderness Road State Park

Virginia History

Virginia is an American history icon. Our country began here in 1607, and it's no surprise that the Old Dominion has more than its share of historic and historical sites, exhibits, monuments and legendary personas. Each has its own unique story, and nearly all have a friendly Virginia face to share their passion for the tale.

From the rivers of John Smith's explorations to the wilderness of the early westward pioneers, you'll find interesting diversions across the state. And for the casual browser or the serious history buff, the lone seeker or the family of enthusiasts, visitors will likely never exhaust the historical experiences available in Virginia. So dive right in and let the subjects below be your guide.

American Evolution 1619-20192019 Commemoration

It’s easy to remember Virginia as the “Birthplace of a Nation,” but many are not aware of the historic events that took place here in 1619, twelve years after the first colonists settled in Jamestown.

These events mark the beginning of our American Evolution and ongoing journey toward key ideals of Democracy, Diversity, and Opportunity.

The 2019 Commemoration will observe the 400th anniversary of:

  • The first representative legislative assembly in the New World
  • Arrival of the first recorded Africans to English North America
  • The First Official English Thanksgiving in North America
  • Arrival and expanding impact of women on the Virginia Colony
  • The Entrepreneurial and Innovative spirit of the Virginia Colony

The 2019 Commemoration will showcase these historic events through American Evolution programs, signature events, and legacy projects over the next three years. Visit for more information.

History Virginia is for History Lovers

Virginia Experiences

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