Arguably, pizza is beer's BFF, which we have acknowledged. However, there's a place for delicious farm-fresh burgers in this conversation concerning Virginia crafts. We've searched high and low to find Virginia restaurants that dedicate an equal amount of time to sourcing (and boasting about) fresh, local ingredients as they do to choosing their brews. The establishments featured here do just that.  

BURGER BACH | Richmond, Midlothian, and Charlottesville 

Burger bach As a New Zealand-inspired gastropub, you may not know what to expect when you walk through the doors of one of the four Virginia Burger Bach locations. What exactly does that phrase mean? If you ask us, it means quality ground meats and unbelievably creative burger options. All of the meats are grass fed and free range, and many items are organic and hormone-free, as well. Their commitment to serving up only the best when it comes to burgers is obvious from the first bite. And if you're getting a burger, you have to order the fries at Burger Bach. Cooked to crispy golden perfection, they pair perfectly with the burger, especially if you order a few of the 14 dipping sauces, with flavors like Basil Pesto Aioli or Blueberry Chipotle BBQ. Top it off with one of their cold, refreshing Virginia beers to have one of the best burger experiences of your life.  

CITIZEN BURGER BAR | Arlington and Charlottesville

Citizen Burger Bar

Citizen Burger Bar

The ingredients that go into Citizen's burgers are locally sourced with great pride. A glance at their menu will show you just how proud of their partnerships they are. The beef comes from Timbercreek Farm (Charlottesville), the buns are baked at Albemarle Baking Company (Charlottesville), the signature cheeses are crafted at Mountainview Farm (Fairfield), and the produce are from a variety of local farmers. Even the desserts are homemade nearby. A variety of Virginia craft beers are available to match whichever burger you choose or choose to create.  


Boulevard Burger and Brew The Flying Squirrels baseball Diamond may be right down the street, but this is the real gem of the Boulevard in Richmond. With two dozen rotational beers on draft and about 20 more bottled brews available, you'll have trouble narrowing down just which Virginia beer you want to order to complement your burger. And speaking of burgers, there are more than a dozen to choose from at Boulevard Burger and Brew. Try a traditional option like the Kelly's Classic, or dare to be different with a burger like the Bow Tie (a nod to the movie theater across the street), a burger topped with fresh mozzarella, basil popcorn pesto, and a balsamic reduction.  

PURE EATS | Harrisonburg and Lexington

Burgers. Beer. And Donuts. Just let those words sink in. Pure Eats provides a trio of unbeatable taste with these menu items, and even if you come in for one, there's a good chance you'll end up ordering all three after seeing their creations. A constant rotation of eight draft beers, almost all from Virginia breweries, entices you at the bar. They also carry over 30 bottled selections, with many of these sourced from the Commonwealth, as well. As a finalist in the Burger category of the Virginia is for Lovers Culinary Challenge, you won't find a much better burger selection than at Pure Eats, no matter which location you visit.  

SOUTH STREET BREWERY | Charlottesville

South Street Brewery

South Street Brewery

If you haven't been to South Street lately, you need to go. Purchased in 2014 by Blue Mountain Brewery, South Street has been revamped, from the menu to the beer. You'll still find staple South Street brews, but you'll also discover and taste other inspirational craft beers. Timbercreek Farm (Charlottesville) supplies the beef for South Street's burgers. Go for a classic cheeseburger, a mushrooom and swiss, or a Hangover burger. There are gluten-free bun options, too, also locally crafted.  

TIMBERWOOD GRILL | Charlottesville

Timberwood Grill

Timberwood Grill

Eight burgers grace Timberwood's menu, and the beef is sourced from Timbercreek Farm (Charlottesville). Those who need to avoid gluten will find options here (like the Chuck Norris in the photo above). The craft beer offerings are on point with 24 on tap and dozens more bottled.  


Four signature burgers are tempting, but you can add on a variety of other toppings to really make it your own. The beef and veggies are locally sourced, and gluten-free buns are available. A good selection of craft beers will certainly deliver the perfect match for your perfect burger.  


Loudoun County's best burger (as proclaimed by readers of Leesburg Today for three years in a row) can be found at Melt. The fine folks there have even written a little piece on how to best pair your burger with a beer. Check it out. House-made buns are the foundation for Melt's daily-ground 100% Angus beef burgers and locally sourced toppings. There are 17 "burgers" to choose from and include the Angus beef variety as well as lamb, turkey, Ahi tuna, lump crab, and chicken. Pair 'em up with a wide variety of bottle craft beers. Seriously. There's a fridge or more full and waiting.  

80/20 BURGER BAR | Norfolk

They may call themselves "Blue Collar Gourmet," but every color of collar is going to love this place. The basis for all things heavenly at 80/20 is the Shenandoah Valley beef from Leaping Waters Farm. Would you rather have something besides awesome beef? There's also local bison, free-range chicken, and black bean mushroom patty to choose from.  The dedication to serving guests the best, freshest, most local products available is evident in the "dinner only" philosophy at 80/20. The staff commits the entire day to dinner. Oh, and there are more than 100 craft beers available to pair perfectly with your Virginia burger. Can't beat that.  


Market Burger Fries & Shakes

Market Burger Fries & Shakes

Will it be a single or a double? At Market Burger, local beef reigns supreme and you can get one patty or two topped with as many FREE veggies and delights as you wish (although there are "top shelf" items that will cost a dollar or two). Go gluten free, or try a veggie or turkey burger ... all go equally well with the often-changing collection of craft beer and homemade shakes.  

STATION 2 | Richmond

Shenandoah Valley-raised beef from Buffalo Creek Farm (Lexington) is a key ingredient for the burger offerings at Station 2. Sausage Craft (Richmond) amerikreiner sausage also makes a showing atop the "Ballpark" burger. For those with dietary restrictions, the gluten free vegan option of the house-made edamame burger is an excellent choice. Greens and other veggies are from Manakintowne (Powhatan), and the handcrafted shakes include none other than Homestead Creamery (Wirtz) ice cream. One unique thing we've found at Station 2 are the "Spent Grain Buns," which are crafted from the spent grains from Devils Backbone Brewery in Roseland. But about those craft beers ... Yep! There are quite a few Virginia craft beers available for your perfect burger pairing.   Do you know of a place that locally sources their ingredients AND offers a robust list of burgers AND offers Virginia craft beer? We want to know about it! Leave a kind note to tell us about your pick to be added to this list. Cheers!