The history of country music is still alive in the mountains in Hiltons, Virginia, where every Saturday night, the Carter Family Fold offers traditional music in its rustic, 800+ seat music shed. The Carter Family (A.P. Carter, Sara Carter, and Maybelle Carter) was discovered in 1927 by Victor Recording Studio in Bristol and recorded 300 songs between 1927 and 1942. Playing traditional Appalachian music, the family has often been credited as forerunners of modern-day country music. Janette Carter, one of three children of A.P. and Sara Carter established the Carter Family Fold to honor the memory of her parents and Maybelle Carter who played a historic role in helping give birth to the age of country music. Janette's daughter Rita now carries on the musical and performing legacy she established. SAVE THE DATE for Appalachia Rising at the Carter Family Fold on June 2, 2019. Join Mary Stuart, Wayne Henderson & The Virginia Luthiers, and Folk Soul Revival for an afternoon of music carrying on the performing traditions of the Carter Family. Virginia band the Dharma Bombs perform at the Carter Family Fold The Saturday concerts highlight the musical style made popular by the Carter Family, considered by many as country music's first family. In keeping with the traditional music style, everything is acoustic and no electrical instruments are allowed. Shows are family-oriented and there's lots of dancing and fun for the entire family. Today, A.P. Carter's old general store acts as a museum. Fans of the Carter Family history explore the nearby museum and cabin, which are home to more items from the early days of country music’s first family.