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Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway

Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway
Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway

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    Lined with the stunning century-old trees of Jefferson National Forest, Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway is a paved mountain loop that beckons wildlife enthusiasts from near and far to explore some of the most diverse habitats in Virginia.

    Trails such as Seven Sisters, Monster Rock, and Big Walker Mountain Loop, are a bird watchers dream. From dry mountain peaks and wet meadows, these paths are home to a variety of bird species, including ruffed grouse, wild turkey, woodpeckers, flycatchers, warblers, and the rare bobolink.

    If you hike up Big Walker Mountain, consider a break at the Big Bend Picnic Area. This lovely site is set under a canopy of oaks and overlooks the valley. Blackberries and colorful wildflowers are abundant around the grounds, so you may encounter curious white-tailed deer looking for a snack.

    Drive north to Wolf Creek Indian Village for a glimpse into the lives of early Native American inhabitants. Take a tour of the re-created 500-year-old village, participate in hands-on exploration activities, or look for sunning eastern box turtles along the creek trails.

    On Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway, expect a beautifully wild adventure filled with sights of the magnificent soaring, swimming, and walking animals that call this area home.


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