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U.S. 11

U.S. 11
U.S. 11

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    Drive the route Civil War soldiers once marched through the Shenandoah. From Strasburg to New Market, US 11 will take you on a unique journey through some of Virginia’s most notorious battlefields.

    Start your adventure at Cedar Creek Battlefield, just north of Strasburg. The visitor center offers knowledgeable rangers and several educational exhibits, including a battle board, film, and large mural. Next, take a short drive to Hupp’s Hill to stretch your legs on trails through well-preserved earthworks and then see artifacts from 1864 Valley campaign at Hupp’s Hill Cedar Creek Museum.

    A short drive south is Fisher’s Hill Battlefield, known as an excellent example of a surprise flanking movement against a defending force in a strong position. Take a self-guided walking tour on the grounds and learn more about the battle through Civil War Trail markers along the path.

    The last stop on this route is the site of one of the most historic battles in the region – the Battle of New Market. Take a tour to explore the farm where the battle was fought, visit the museum to watch the Emmy Award winning film Field of Lost Shoes, or, if you plan your trip in advance, consider the annual reenactment event where history comes alive.

    While this route features battlefields from our nation’s bloodiest war, the drive is quite peaceful, educational, and a great way to remember the soldiers who helped shape America’s history.

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