Virginia is for Lovers

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Virginia is for Film Lovers Audience Awards

Almost 50 years ago, the iconic tourism slogan "Virginia is for Lovers" was born. The slogan encompasses everything you love about Virginia: craft beer, music, oysters, wine... the list goes on.

Virginia Tourism and the Virginia Film Office asked filmmakers to show what the famous state slogan meant to them in a short video. The entries were judged and winners chosen by an independent panel, as well as an Audience Award video winner chosen by YOU.

Here are the winners of the first ever Audience Awards "Virginia is for Film Lovers" contest.

First Place Winner: Dear Virginia - Submitted by: Sarah Bonner
A woman relives her favorite memories growing up in Virginia. Forced to leave its adventures behind as a child she returns with a family of her own to give them the childhood that she had.

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Audience Award Winner - Dear Virginia

First Place Winner Dear Virginia

Second Place: Love Letter - Submitted by: Sara Moore
Stunned by her beauty, enthralled with her history, and captivated by her vibrance, he couldn't help but fall in love.

Third Place/Audience Award Winner: This is My Virginia - Submitted by: Kennedy Carey
I know a place, where a single road can lead to endless possibilities. Where every step, and every glance, is filled with beauty as far as the eye can see. This is a place where you love to get lost, because somehow it makes you feel more at home. A place where the rolling hills of apple orchards are filled with the echoing laughs of friendship and the cities come alive at the suns beck and call. This is a place for thrill seekers, a place for care givers, and if you're lucky you'll share all of these memories with that special someone because most importantly, this is a place...for lovers. This is my Virginia.


Lovers of Life - Submitted by: Shelli Witt
Shot on location at Mary's Rock Tunnel, Skyline Drive, Portsmouth, and other locations across the beautiful state of Virginia.

A Little Adventure - Submitted by: Kyle Head
Virginia is for Lovers of mountains, cities, beaches, wine, sports and more! Take a little trip around our beautiful state and see what Virginia has to offer.

Virginia is for Lovers - Submitted by: Evan Moore
A modern take on the 1969 classic "Virginia is For Lovers" campaign, this social media-ready 30-second spot reinforces the timelessness of the slogan by showing the countless ways that Virginia welcomes lovers of all the best things in life.

Virginia is for Lifelong Lovers - Submitted by: Jerry Linkous
A glimpse at the wonder of Virginia through a child's eyes. Even at the earliest stages in life, Virginia is still for Lovers.

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