Upper Oxbow Loop

The rocky Fall Line marks the border of Virginia’s Piedmont and Coastal Plain geographic regions. The Falls of the James stopped John Smith and Christopher Newport from traveling farther upriver, and eventually spawned Richmond itself.

Richmond Skyline and James River Richmond Skyline and James River Downstream from Richmond, the James River begins its transition from freshwater river to brackish estuary. Oxbows, or successive bends in the river’s course, elongated the journey for Smith and his Algonquian counterparts. Cut-throughs created by Union soldiers around Turkey Island, Jones Neck and Hatcher Islands shorten the voyage for modern boaters.

Motorists must navigate the urban corridor south of downtown Richmond, but enjoy the city’s famed Monument Avenue and bucolic stretches of Route 5.

Download a detailed map of the Oxbow loop: PDF Download (467kb)
Oxbow Loop Map - pdf