Bath County

Bath County, Virginia is named for the English resort city of Bath. Both communities are known for the abundance of healing springs that have attracted visitors to their locales. For over 270 years Bath County has been defined by its natural beauty and hospitality. Located along the western, central border with West Virginia, Bath County encompasses 540 square miles. Eighty-nine percent of Bath County is comprised of forest (51% national forest, 6% state park). The Nature Conservancy also owns more than 9,000 acres of critical forest habitat.

Bath County is unique. There is not a single stop light in the entire county. There is no Starbucks. There is no McDonalds. Yet, it has world class properties such as The Omni Homestead Resort. It is home to Garth Newel, a world renowned Conservatory of Chamber Music. The area is known as a four season resort with attractions such as skiing, snowboarding and skating in the winter; hiking, biking, fishing, camping and hunting; and cultural attractions throughout the remainder of the year. With Douthat State Park, Lake Moomaw, George Washington National Forest and Gathright Dam, Bath County has something for everyone.

What makes Bath County most unique is its people. It is a community where farmers have worked the same land their families have owned for hundreds of years. It is a community where visitors meet people born and raised in Europe who have chosen to live in Bath County. It is a community where the person you bump into at the farmers market studied piano at the Julliard School of Music or plays in a well-known local bluegrass band. Bath County’s diversity is its strength and ultimate charm.

Area Highlights

The Omni Homestead Resort

  • 7696 Sam Snead Highway

The Omni Homestead Resort... the birthplace of Southern hospitality. The Omni Homestead is a luxury resort and spa surrounded by…

Lake Moomaw and Gathright Dam

  • George Washington National Forest

13,428 acre T. M. Gathright Wildlife Management Area; 2,530 acre lake; year round boating, water sports, fishing, camping…

Garth Newel Music Center

  • 403 Garth Newel Lane

There is no better place to hear live music than Garth Newel Music Center. Our picturesque concert hall with superb acoustics…

Douthat State Park

  • 14239 Douthat State Park Road

A traditional family park for more than 70 years, Douthat is listed on the National Register of Historic Places because its design…


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