Fall Foliage in Virginia

Fall in Virginia is one of the most beautiful times of year, and traveling throughout the Commonwealth during this season can reveal an abundance of color. Virginia’s expansive woodlands, famously blue-tinged mountains, and rambling scenic byways are the place to be when fall leaves are at their fiery peak.

Virginia's diverse landscape, from the highest mountains to the Eastern Shore, provides a long fall foliage season, starting earliest in the higher elevations and moving eastward. Generally peak fall foliage is sometime between October 10 and October 31; however, dates can vary from year to year.  Want to know when and where to see the best fall colors in Virginia this autumn?  

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Virginia Fall Foliage Report for Week of November 4

The mountains are now shades of brown, with many bare trees, but across central and eastern Virginia, the show must go on! The Piedmont is now dominated by deep gold as foliage begins to fade, but the deep red and umber oaks provide a nice contrast. The main foliage spotlight has moved to eastern Virginia, where red maples, golden hickories, and jewel-toned oaks are highlighted by the ever-present green of pines.

A standout tree is eastern Virginia’s fall color palette is sweetgum. Its star-shaped leaves may be yellow, orange, red, and even deep purple, all on the same tree. Along roadsides from Richmond east, you’ll also notice groundseltree, with its billowy mounds of plumed seeds. 

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