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Virginia Green

Roger Brown's Sports Bar & Restaurant
Portsmouth, VA

Virginia Green is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s campaign to promote environmentally-friendly practices in all aspects of Virginia’s tourism industry. Virginia Green has established "core activities" specific to each sector of tourism, and these practices are considered the required minimum for participation in the program. However, Virginia Green encourages its participants to reduce their environmental impacts in all aspects of their operations, and this profile provides a full list of all their “green” activities. These are the activities that guests / customers can expect to find when they visit this facility.

Roger Brown's Sports Bar & Restaurant

Roger Brown’s is a restaurant landmark in Hampton Roads. Bring a date, bring a group, or bring the kids - it all works well here! With a garden patio attached to a cozy fire place equipped inner dinning room, generous 90-ft bar, and separate stadium style seating area - you’re never lacking options. The award-winning food is top notch, from the “Down Home Bones” to the sumptuous “Caribbean Rubbed Salmon” and the wine, draft, and beer choices are par excellent.

Roger Brown’s decided to “go green” because it helps the environment, we save money, and our guests appreciate it. We are constantly looking for newer and better ways to keep up with the green trends.

Virginia Green Activities

This facility pledges that they:
Minimize the use of disposable food service items

Recycle Grease
- Filter the grease to prolong its life 

Recycle and Reduce Waste
- Glass (required for Virginia Green) 
- Steel Cans 
- Plastic 
- Toner Cartridges 
- Newspaper 
- Office Paper 
- Cardboard 
- Packing Supplies 
- Fluorescent Lamps (may required by law) 
- Batteries 
- Track overall waste bills 
- Donate excess food from events 
- Have an effective food inventory control to minimize waste 
- Use screen based ordering systems 
- Use a last-in/first-out inventory & effective labeling systems 
- Purchase durable equipment and furniture 
- Perform preventative maintenance on all appliances, HVAC systems, plumbing, and vehicles 
- Use less toxic materials 

Use Water Efficiently
- Perform preventative maintenance to stop drips and leaks 
- Use water-flow metering to discover leaks and areas of high use 
- Have high efficiency dishwashers 
- Have low flow toilets (use 1.6 gallons or less per flush - 1.6 gpf) 

Conserve Energy
- Track overall energy bills 
- Use ceiling fans 
- Use natural lighting
Source of energy
- Use of directional (downward-facing) lighting in parking areas and other outdoor areas 

Roger Brown's Sports Bar &  Restaurant    Roger Brown's Sports Bar &  Restaurant

For more information on Roger Brown's Sports Bar & Restaurant, see or contact James Spagnolo at or 757-483-8290.

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Virginia GreenVirginia Green is a partnership supported by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, the Virginia Hospitality & Tourism Association, and the Virginia Tourism Corporation.

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