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Virginia Green

Taste Unlimited at the Oceanfront
Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Green is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s campaign to promote environmentally-friendly practices in all aspects of Virginia’s tourism industry. Virginia Green has established "core activities" specific to each sector of tourism, and these practices are considered the required minimum for participation in the program. However, Virginia Green encourages its participants to reduce their environmental impacts in all aspects of their operations, and this profile provides a full list of all their “green” activities. These are the activities that guests / customers can expect to find when they visit this facility.

Taste Unlimited at the Oceanfront

We are known for our distinctive sandwiches on freshly baked breads with our House Dressing. We also offer specialty foods, wine, cheese, Virginia peanuts, and great gift baskets.

Our initiatives are just baby steps in a long journey. Not only are we able to offer our customers better value, but we are contributing to the protection of the environment and the preservation of the ‘coastal good life’ that is central to our company’s philosophy.

Virginia Green Activities

This facility pledges that they:
Minimize the use of disposable food service items
- Use disposable containers that are made from bio-based materials 
- Use disposable containers that are made from recycled content paper 
- Use disposable containers that are compostable and direct this material to available composting operations in your area 
- Use disposable containers that are recyclable 

Recycle and Reduce Waste
- Glass (required for Virginia Green) 
- Aluminum Cans 
- Plastic 
- Toner Cartridges 
- Office Paper 
- Cardboard 
- Packing Supplies 
- Electronics equipment - computers, etc. 
- Track overall waste bills 
- Have an effective food inventory control to minimize waste 
- Purchase locally grown produce and other foods 
- Use non-bleached napkins and coffee filters 
- Use bulk soap dispensers in public restrooms 
- Use a last-in/first-out inventory & effective labeling systems 
- Purchase from vendors and service providers with a commitment to the environment 
- Make 2 sided copies / printed materials 
- Use electronic correspondence and forms 

Use Water Efficiently
- Track overall water usage and wastewater 
- Have an effective landscape management plan 
- Utilize drought tolerant species 

Conserve Energy
- Track overall energy bills 
- Use natural lighting
Source of energy
- Other Activities: Cut Wednesdays from our delivery schedule (between Warehouse or Kitchen to stores)

Taste Unlimited at the Oceanfront    Taste Unlimited at the Oceanfront

For more information on Taste Unlimited at the Oceanfront, see or contact Amy Jordan at or 757-422-3399.

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Virginia GreenVirginia Green is a partnership supported by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, the Virginia Hospitality & Tourism Association, and the Virginia Tourism Corporation.

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