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Virginia Green

Mountain Lake Lodge & Conservancy
Pembroke, VA

Virginia Green is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s campaign to promote environmentally-friendly practices in all aspects of Virginia’s tourism industry. Virginia Green has established "core activities" specific to each sector of tourism, and these practices are considered the required minimum for participation in the program. However, Virginia Green encourages its participants to reduce their environmental impacts in all aspects of their operations, and this profile provides a full list of all their “green” activities. These are the activities that guests / customers can expect to find when they visit this facility.

Mountain Lake Lodge & Conservancy

The Mountain Lake Conservancy & Hotel is a lodging facility that accommodates groups for conferences and events. The Conservancy protects, promotes, and manages 2,600 acres of privately-owned, forested land.

The Mountain Lake Conservancy & Hotel decided to join Virginia Green with the goal of improving and maximizing the efficiency of our business's energy and resource use, product and supply purchasing, and to minimize waste produced. From Virginia Green, we hope to gain valuable insight and motivation to reach these goals and continue to lessen our impact on the environment.

The Mountain Lake Conservancy & Hotel works to manage 2,600 acres of privately-owned, forested property. The land is managed to enhance wildlife and forest health, as well as recreational activities for guests and visitors. We educate customers and guests about our efforts to reduce environmental impacts and purchase products and supplies locally where available. The Mountain Lake Conservancy & Hotel is an active member of Go Green NRV with the goal of continuing to improve environmental stewardship within our business and community.

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Virginia Green Activities

This facility pledges that they:
Offer optional linen service
- Have signage in each guest room explaining the linen reuse procedures 
- Change linens only upon request 
- Train housekeeping staff on our process for optional linen service  

- Have in place clearly marked recycling bins or provide convenient drop-off locations for guests to recycle: 
- Glass Bottles 
- Plastic Bottles 
- Aluminum cans 
- Printer/ copy machine toner cartridges 
- Fluorescent lamps 
- Batteries 
- Electronics equipment such as computers, etc. 
- Other Activities: Mixed paper recylcling for in-house employees and conferences

Reduce solid waste
- Instruct housekeeping staff to save and reuse unopened items 
- Recycle fryer grease 
- Use disposable foodservice items that are recyclable (in your area!) 
- Use and compost disposable containers made of compostable material (corn, bamboo, potato starch, sugarcane, etc.) 
- Use cloth napkins 
- Use water pitchers to minimize the use of single-use bottles 
- Remove facility and staff names from junk mail lists when possible 
- Reuse scrap paper for notes 
- Make double-sided photocopies and avoid making extra photocopies 
- Use electronic correspondence and forms when possible 

Use water efficiently
- Have landscaping that utilizes native species 
- Maintain vegetative buffers around streams and ponds 
- Other Activities: integrated pest management, organic fertilizers, wildlife habitat

Conserve energy
- Use natural lighting (i.e., open draperies and raise shades whenever adequate light from windows is available) 
- Have adopted a policy/practice to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms 
- Have installed high efficiency fluorescent ballasts and lamps (T-5 and T-8) 
- Have installed directional (downward-facing) lighting in parking areas and other outdoor areas 
- Have adopted a policy/practice to minimize the use of lighting during night cleaning 

Offer a green events package
- Include the availability of "green meetings/conferences" in marketing packages (see the factsheet on Environmentally-Responsible Conferences & Events) 

Mountain Lake Lodge & Conservancy    Mountain Lake Lodge & Conservancy

For more information on Mountain Lake Lodge & Conservancy, see or contact Jessica Coker at or 540-626-7121.

For more information on the Virginia Green program, see

Virginia GreenVirginia Green is a partnership supported by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, the Virginia Hospitality & Tourism Association, and the Virginia Tourism Corporation.

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