There are currently over 280 wineries in Virginia, and to find out which wineries are the most pet-friendly, we reached out to every single one! Almost all are pet-friendly to some degree, allowing dogs on the patios on leashes or setting out water bowls for your pups, but these 40+ wineries across the state stood out as the most welcoming for dogs, permitting them both inside and outside of the tasting rooms. Discover which wineries cater to the four-legged customers as well as their owners.

 2 Witches Winery & Brewing Co.—Danville
The winery has a large outdoor area and covered patio for dogs. While the winery prefers for dogs to stay outside, they make exceptions on hot days. A water bowl and pet treats are available, and 2 Witches collects donations for the Humane Society.

8 Chains North Winery—Waterford
8 Chains North Winery not only allows leashed dogs inside the tasting room and around the property, but they actually have a fenced dog park on-site, where pet owners can let their dogs off the leash to run around.

Barrel Oak Winery—Delaplane

photo credit: RV Love

Considered the most dog-friendly winery in Virginia, Barrel Oak Winery welcomes dogs inside with responsible owners. They have dog treats, water bowls, doggie “pools” outside in the hot months, as well as four vineyard hikes throughout the year for dogs.

Blue Bee Cider—Richmond

blue bee cider richmond

Blue Bee Cider is very pet friendly, allowing pets indoors and out. They also host an annual “Dog Days of Summer” event in July with treats for the pups, live music, local food, and free cake for owners. Each week during the summer they hold “Thursday Fursday,” with snacks for dogs and drink specials for you.

Bright Meadows Farm—Nathalie
Bright Meadows allows pets inside and in their large picnic area. They have a ¾ mile trail and lots of room for dogs to roam. If your dog likes to swim and play fetch, they are free to frolic in the large pond on the property.

Byrd Cellars—Goochland
Byrd Cellars permits pets inside and outside on the porch area. They have water bowls and dog treats available. In July, they hold their annual free “Pug Party” with small pools for the dogs and wine, live music, and local food for owners.

Castle Hill Cidery—Keswick


Dogs are allowed inside and out at Castle Hill Cidery. The property has plenty of outdoor space as well as a deck for dogs to roam, with treats and water bowls available.

Chateau MerrillAnne—Orange
Chateau MerrillAnne lets you bring leashed dogs inside and outside on the patio while you taste the wines. They have water bowls and dog treats available inside the tasting room.

Chateau Morrisette Winery—Floyd

Chateau Morrisette Winery
photo credit: Star City Skycams, @starcityskycams

Dogs that are on a leash and well-behaved are invited to visit Chateau Morrisette Winery with their owners. Bring them inside the tasting room or take them for a walk on the grounds. The winery has several pet-friendly events throughout the year, including Black Dog Music Festivals, Pet Adoption Days, and a "Harvest with the Dogs" Vineyard Experience.

Fifty-Third Winery & Vineyards—Louisa
Leashed, well-behaved dogs can explore inside and outside on the deck of Fifty-Third Winery & Vineyards. The patio has picnic tables and umbrellas to provide shade on warmer days, and water bowls and dog treats are provided.

DuCard Vineyards—Etlan


DuCard Vineyards welcomes dogs both inside and outside the tasting room. They have dog water bowls and treats for pups inside. Take your dog out to the backyard to run around and play Frisbee. Each year, the vineyard does a fundraiser called the “Dog Days of Summer,” with proceeds going to the Madison County Animal Shelter. Dogs participate in agility, costumes, and Frisbee toss contests.
Gauthier Vineyard—Barhamsville
At Gauthier Vineyards, dogs are free to wander the grounds, hang out on the back deck, or lounge with owners on the porches. The winery’s on-site dog, Rochambeau, is friendly and loves playing with other pups. The winery provides water bowls for dogs.

Glass House Winery

Glass House Winery—Free Union
Glass House Winery has several dog mascots. Dogbert, Sassier, and Huck enjoy making new friends with both dogs and humans visiting the winery. Dogs are allowed inside with a leash and are permitted off-leash outside if well-behaved, although the owners ask that you keep them near you at all times.

Hampton Roads Winery—Elberon
Leashed, friendly dogs are allowed inside and outside at Hampton Roads Winery.

Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery—Nellysford


Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery is dog-friendly, permitting dogs both inside and outside. The grounds are open to owners taking their dogs for a stroll, except during blackberry season, when visitors are barred from walking through the vines.

Horton Vineyards & Winery—Gordonsville 
Dogs can go inside and outside at Horton Vineyards & Winery. Only large dogs or dogs that aren’t well controlled must be on a leashed. Treats and water bowls are offered for your four-legged friends.
James River Cellars—Glen Allen


While dogs are allowed inside most of the time (unless there are restrictive events happening in the tasting room), James River Cellars welcomes dogs outside on the large lawn during all business hours. Water bowls and dog treats are also available.

Jefferson Vineyards—Charlottesville

photo credit: Robert Radifera Photography, @radifera

Friendly dogs on leashes are allowed inside and outside on the patio and deck at Jefferson Vineyards. The winery offers water bowls and waste bags for pet owners to pick up after their dogs.

Keswick Vineyards—Keswick

Keswick Vineyards

Keswick Vineyards has a fenced in dog park so that dogs are able to run off leash while owners savor great Virginia wines. Dogs can come inside too, where water bowls and treats are available for free. Every Sunday is “Yappy Hour” at Keswick, and a dog ice cream truck offers frozen treats that help cool your dog down. The proceeds from this weekly event go to the local animal shelter.

Lazy Days Winery—Amherst
There is lots of land at Lazy Days Winery for dogs to get some exercise while visitors enjoy the wines. Sit on the patio with your pet, or bring them inside with you during hotter days.

Lexington Valley Vineyard—Rockbridge Baths
Lexington Valley Vineyard has a large lawn, deck area, and indoor tasting room where well-behaved pets are welcome. They serve dog treats with water bowls out for your four-legged friend.

Loving Cup Vineyard and Winery—North Garden
At Loving Cup Vineyard and Winery, dogs can enter the tasting room with their owners. Their “Dudley Nose Rosé” features a dog on the label, and a portion of the proceeds go to the Almost Home Pet Adoption Center.

Maggie Malick Wine Caves—Purcellville
Maggie Malick Wine Caves sits on a 215-acre farm with several ponds on the property. Guests are invited to bring dogs inside and outside to wander the winery’s extensive lands. Dog treats are always available, and they hold several dog-focused events each year.

Merrie Mill Farm & Vineyard- Keswick


Merrie Mill has a beautiful outdoor patio and backyard where dogs are allowed on leashes.
Michael Shaps Wineworks—Charlottesville
Dogs are welcome inside and outside at Michael Shaps Wineworks. There is an expansive grassy area for dogs and owners to enjoy the surrounding scenery when the weather is nice, as well as a large covered patio with picnic tables and a concrete floor where visitors can find some shade.

Moss Vineyards—Nortonsville
Moss Vineyards allows friendly dogs indoors and also has lots of outdoor space for dogs to get a little exercise, including an open patio and deck area.

Mountain Cove Vineyard—Lovingston
Well-behaved pets are allowed in the tasting room at Mountain Cove Vineyard, and responsible owners are welcome to take pets out to play in the adjacent fields.

Old Hill Cider—Timberville


Leashed dogs are permitted both inside and outside at Old Hill Cider in Timberville.

Otium Cellars—Purcellville
Otium Cellars provides dog treats and water bowls. Bring your leashed pet inside with you, sit outside at the picnic tables, or take your dog for a walk around the sprawling property.

Peaks of Otter Winery—Bedford

Photo Credit: Lovicarious, @lovicarious

Another vineyard with a rental property, Peaks of Otter Winery welcomes well-trained dogs at both the vineyards and the vacation rental home. Dogs can come inside while guests taste the wines, hang out with owners on the patio outside, or stroll through the orchards. The winery puts on an annual “Dog Festival,” with hundreds of dogs attending and participating in events all day long.

Plum Creek Winery—Tazewell
Plum Creek Winery is pet-friendly inside and outside, with plenty of outdoor space for dogs to explore with their owners.

Potomac Point Winery—Stafford

photo credit: Bill Crabtree Jr.

Potomac Point Winery allows dogs in the tasting room, courtyard area, vineyard, and “Chianti’s Corner”, a pet-friendly picnic area named for the winery dog. Chianti is very sweet to all visitors, including pets, and there are water bowls provided.

Prince Michel Vineyards & Winery—Leon 
Dogs of all breeds and sizes are welcome inside and outside at Prince Michel Vineyards & Winery. They have a large grassy lawn for pets to play and a patio with umbrellas for a little shade on warmer days.

Quattro Goomba’s Winery—Aldie
Quattro Goomba’s Winery allows well-behaved, leashed dogs inside the building. Pets are also permitted on the 12 acres of property, filled with plenty of grass, a large patio, and a deck.

Ramulose Ridge Vineyards—Moneta
Dog treats and water bowls are available at Ramulose Ridge Vineyards. Leashed dogs may come inside the tasting room or can walk with owners outside on the patio, lawn, and through the vineyard grounds.

Rebec Vineyards—Amherst County
Rebec Vineyards allows dogs inside the tasting room, or they have a patio and plenty of lawn space for your pets to run around.

Stone Tower Winery—Leesburg

Stone Tower Winery
photo credit: Jeff Maurtizen, @jeffmauritzen

Stone Tower Winery’s tasting room, the Harvest Barn, is open to leashed pets. They provide water bowls and sometimes have homemade dog treats available. Dogs can also hang out on the deck and outdoor areas of the Tower View tasting room.

Thistle Gate Vineyard—Scottsville
Dogs are allowed inside if it is not too busy at Thistle Gate Vineyard, and they are always welcome on the porch or lawn. Dog treats and water bowls are provided for pets, and the winery sponsors several SPCA events each year.

Three Fox Vineyards—Delaplane


At Three Fox Vineyards, dogs are permitted inside and outside, where there is ample space and a large patio. The winery provides dog treats and water bowls.

Three Sisters of Shiney Rock—Clarksville
At Three Sisters of Shiney Rock, their motto is “dog-friendly to friendly dogs”, and as a real farm, there is plenty of land for dogs to get some exercise while visiting the vineyards.

Two Twisted Posts Winery—Purcellville
Two Twisted Posts Winery in Purcellville welcomes dogs inside the tasting room and outside on the patio and grounds. Dog treats and water bowls are available.

Vincent's Vineyard—Lebanon
There is ample outdoor space at Vincent’s Vineyard in Lebanon for dogs to roam. They are also allowed inside the tasting room and on the patio.

West Wind Farm Vineyard and Winery—Max Meadows
Well-behaved dogs are allowed into the tasting room at West Wind Farm Vineyard and Winery. They are also welcome to enjoy the lawn and patio area.

Wisdom Oak Winery—North Garden
Wisdom Oak Winery lets leashed dogs come inside the tasting room and outside in the yard. They provide dog treats and water bowls.

Although these are the wineries that let you bring your dog into the tasting room, almost every winery in Virginia has a space where dogs are allowed to accompany their owners. Find out which vineyards are pet-friendly and plan a trip for some wine tasting with your pup today.