The tradition behind the sport of golf is well revered by Virginians, but a similar sport is taking the Commonwealth by storm, resulting in new challenging courses and travelers interested in conquering them to the state. Disc golf combines the precision of golf with the easygoing sport of Frisbee, resulting in an affordable and fun sport that players of any age can enjoy. Try your hand at these 21 courses, ranging from small, open courses along the coastal plains to the arduous elevation changes in the mountain disc golf courses.

Greenfield Disc Golf Course—Troutville

The 18 holes at Greenfield Disc Golf Course combine for a par 62 course that ranks as one of the top 20 courses in the world. The course is a mixture of rolling hills, open meadows, and canopied woods make each hole uniquely difficult. The presence of ponds and creeks on multiple holes create challenges for even advanced level players, but three tee pads at each hole suit various skill levels. The course is made up two 9-hole loops, giving players the option to take on the full 18 holes or go for a shorter round of nine holes. If you don’t have your own discs, head to the self-checkout disc area, where an array of eight discs are available to check out and return at the end of play.

Insider Tip: Bring along Fido, as this course is pet friendly to responsible owners.

Walnut Creek Park—Charlottesville

Blue Ridge Disc Golf Club built and has maintained Walnut Creek Park’s 18-hole disc golf course since 2002. Bring your own equipment when visiting this course, as discs are not available to rent or purchase on-site. The park is free outside of the summer months (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and charges a $4.50 entry fee for out of towners or $3 fee for locals. The course surrounds Walnut Creek Lake on 34 acres of park grounds. The technical wooded layout best suits skilled players looking to improve their game, with constant elevation changes and several holes that play over the water. There are short and long pins and tees pads (green marks short and blue marks long) at each hole, providing several options for disc golfers looking to play the course more than once. While the course requires a significant amount of walking, the beautiful scenery found throughout more than makes up for the strenuous trek.

Insider Tip: Hole 17 will be the most challenging but exciting for skilled players, with a slope downhill and water on both sides of the fairway.

The Tides Inn—Irvington  


Photo Courtesy of the Tides Inn

Although a small course of only nine holes, The Tides Inn disc golf field is perfect for newcomers to the sport. Set on the resort grounds, it is a mostly flat, par 3 course in a lightly wooded area along the Chesapeake Bay. The hotel provides disc rentals free of charge for guests, while visitors can bring their own or purchase discs at the hotel gift shop.

Insider Tip: Fore! Make sure to pay attention and keep your head up, as the course is played alongside regular golfers.

Munden Point Park—Virginia Beach

Munden Point Park in Virginia Beach has 18 holes that total to a par 54 course featuring cement and red clay tee pads. Each hole has short and long pin options for varying skill levels, and while the elevation is pretty flat, there are a few holes over water that challenge players. The course is open and well maintained, with some long distance shots mixed into the course. Discs are available to check out from the park office with a driver’s license of another form of identification, and you can print out your course map ahead of time for easier navigation.

Insider Tip: The course has very few shaded areas, so make sure you bring a hat, pack plenty of water, and apply sunscreen before you go.

Little Washington Winery—Washington


Set in the foothills of Shenandoah National Park, Little Washington Winery's vast property includes Jenkin's Mountain Disc Golf, a challenging (and free!) 18-hole disc golf course that meanders through the forests and rolling farmland of the grounds. If you don't have your own discs handy, stop into the pro shop to snag some discs, apparel, and other accessories.

Insider Tip: After you finish the round, grab a glass of wine at the winery or a beer at Skyline Brewery, Little Washington's craft brewery, located right on the 18th hole of the disc golf course. The winery also offers classes on wine, cheese, and chocolate tasting.

Explore Park's Mayflower Hills Disc Golf Course—Roanoke

Mayflower Disc Golf Course at Explore Park in Roanoke

Featuring 18 holes of disc golf through a varied and diverse terrain including fields, woods, and hills Explore Park's Mayflower Hills Disc Golf Course is a course that offers a fun challenge for players of all skill levels and ages. A $3 per player donation is requested to play this course, located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway and surrounded by the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Pharaoh’s Tomb—Colonial Heights

Pharaoh’s Tomb is a disc golf course in White Bank Park that offers a good mix of long and short holes. Beginners may find this course more challenging, as it has some fairly technical holes that require skill. Additionally, the use of changing elevations add to the difficulty of the course. Concrete tee boxes mark the holes, and players will find scorecards and maps at the kiosk near hole #1.

Insider Tip: Plan to play during weekdays to avoid the crowds, as the park is popular with locals on the weekends.

Jim Barnett Park Disc Golf Course—Winchester


photo credit: Big Orange Frame

Located in Jim Barnett Park, this 18-hole course is free to play, with the park providing disc rentals for $2.00 each at the War Memorial Building situated across the parking lot from the first hole. The holes are a mix of par 3, 4, and 5, totaling to a par 70 course. Each hole has two concrete tee boxes; a white box for beginners and a blue box for the more advanced players. Print out your scorecard and map before you head to the Jim Barnett Park Disc Golf Course.

Insider Tip: Look out for hole 18, known as the most challenging of the course because of the elevated tee pad and pin.

Golden Hills Disc Golf Course—Christiansburg

With 37 holes making up the field, you’ll discover hours of play at Golden Hills Disc Golf Course, a free course close to Virginia Tech in Southwest Virginia. Two 18-hole courses share a 19th hole, with a total par of 57 for each course. A mixture of wooded fairways and various elevation levels result in a challenge for players, and three sets of tee pads at the holes allow you to compete at your own skill level. Discs are not available to rent or purchase on-site, but several nearby sports retailers, including Dick’s Sporting Goods in Christiansburg, carry them. Print out the map and scorecard ahead of time for easier navigation on the course.

Insider Tip: The course is a hiker’s dream, located in the rugged yet beautiful mountains of the region.

Westover Park—Harrisonburg

Westover Park in Harrisonburg is a 21-hole disc golf course that is free to play. Concrete tee pads mark the original 18 holes, and three additional holes are available to practice. The course is set on 50 acres of park lands, with par 3 and 4 holes totaling a par 69 course. If you’re flying solo, contact the park ahead of time and sign up for disc golf doubles, which partners individual players onto teams for a fun competition. Check out rental discs at the front desk of the park, and print out your map and scorecard before heading to the course.

Insider Tip: The pins are moved once a month at Westover Park, creating new and exciting challenges for players looking to test their skill set.

Virginia Highlands Community College Disc Golf Course—Abingdon

Virginia Highlands Community College partnered with their students to craft a 9-hole course on the college campus. A blend of long and short holes peppered with natural obstacles challenge both beginners and expert players, and concrete tee pads make it easy to identify the course path. Right off Interstate 81 in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, the course has stunning views from almost every hole. While only students can check out discs to rent, the Student Services shop offers an array of discs for purchase.

Insider Tip: This course is considered fairly easy by skilled players, making it a great course for those just starting out in disc golf.

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