The mountains are high as you're traveling Interstate 64 between Lexington and the West Virginia line. At some point you realize you're enveloped in beauty. It doesn't matter the season; each has its own character and there's something stunning even in the gray of winter. I-64 does not exude the same high energy as some other interstates. You know the ones. They make you want to jump off at the next exit, regardless of what's there. No, rather, there are places just off of 64 that beckon you to stop because you're simply missing out if you don't. Let's drive ...  


This is the last one. The last arched covered bridge in the United States. Dating to 1857, Humpback Bridge is Virginia's oldest covered bridge. It's boards are held together by hand-hewed Locust pins, and it has seen life as a bridge for vehicles accessing U.S. Route 60 and a makeshift hay barn for a nearby farmer. Today, it's the centerpiece of a five-acre park that also includes a very natural, uniquely Alleghany LOVEwork. Watch this video to learn about the restoration efforts to preserve Humpback Bridge. [gallery link="none" ids="14678,14676,14677"]    


This 80' waterfall is easy to see and access as it's right along Hot Springs Road. Plan to pack a picnic lunch or grab something on the way through Covington, because you'll find a picnic area here at Falling Spring. If you're passing through during a warm summer month, you'll notice that some people climb down to the base of the falls to enjoy its glorious swimming hole! [gallery link="none" ids="14681,14682,14683"]     --- THE OMNI HOMESTEAD RESORT | HOT SPRINGS --- You need not be an overnight guest to enjoy the beautiful Omni Homestead. You're welcome to enjoy a meal at one of their various restaurants, followed by a stroll through the lobby and into the boutiques. If you have an extended amount of time, inquire about a round of golf on the prestigious Cascades Course or a spa treatment. [gallery link="none" ids="14686,14687,14688"]



Healing hot springs have long been sought out for their soothing qualities. Almost a natural hot tub, Jefferson Pools has an octagonal building surrounding it. It dates to 1761, though the lore of these springs can be traced to the 1600s. Famous figures of history have "taken the waters" at Jefferson Pools, including Thomas Jefferson himself. Stop for a photo op and to ease your curiosity, or take a dip during seasonal availability.


A three-mile gorge carved by the Maury River, Goshen Pass is a scenic stretch showcasing mountain laurel and gigantic boulders. Kayakers delight in the rapids; Devil's Kitchen is a well-known beast. Enjoy a stop at a picnic area where you can rock-hop and dip your toes in the frigid mountain water. An upper overlook offers a fantastic view of the river's course below. Have time? The Laurel Run Trail is a short 3-mile hike.