We have always thought that Virginia is the most romantic place around, and now we have proof to back it up! According to Amazon’s list of the Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in the U.S., Alexandria is the most romantic city in the country. The large-scale retail company compiles data from their website’s sales of romantic items to create this annual list. Check out what makes Alexandria so romantic to us and explore ten other destinations that know how to set the mood.

1. Alexandria

LOVE work in Alexandria, Credit: Sarah Marcella Hallee for Visit Alexandria

Close to the nation’s capital, Alexandria has scenic waterfronts, impressive fine dining, historic monuments, and some of the most luxurious lodging options in Virginia. If you are looking for romance, stroll the streets of Alexandria with your loved one and see why Amazon named it the most romantic city in the U.S. for the fifth year.

Romantic Options in Alexandria:

2. Virginia Beach

HR20042408V_010.TIFPhoto Credit: Sam Dean, @sdeanphotos

OpenTable named Virginia Beach the most romantic city on their list of the Top 25 Most Romantic Cities in America for 2019. Enjoy a walk on the beach at sunset to see why the Virginia coastline is one of the most romantic places in the U.S.

Romantic Options in Virginia Beach:

3. Middleburg

Goodstone Inn & Restaurant

Although the town of Middleburg isn’t a bustling destination, it offers elegant resorts, scenic vineyards, and some much-needed peace and quiet to visitors looking for a romantic getaway.

Romantic Options in Middleburg:

  • Goodstone Inn (pictured above) sits in the midst of Virginia's hunt country and offers a fine farm-to-table menu of French Country cuisine. The inn offers six distinctive dwellings.
  • Salamander Resort can easily be described as lavishly luxurious.
  • Salamander Spa
  • Barrel Oak Winery Fine Art Gallery & Tasting Room

4. Shenandoah National Park

Bearfence Mountain
Shenandoah National Park covers a wide region of Virginia, but the beauty of this park made it a top destination on our list for couples looking for romance.

Romantic Options in Shenandoah National Park:

  • Big Meadows Lodge
  • Skyland is a resort in Shenandoah National Park that offers breathtakingly romantic views for guests.
  • Whiteoak Canyon has six waterfalls with swimming holes at the bottom of each waterfall.

5. Vienna/Fairfax County

NV10091501V_012.TIFPhoto Credit: Cameron Davidson

Visitors looking for romance in the Northern Virginia area should plan a trip to Vienna. The region is brimming with romance throughout the year and has plenty of fine dining, five-star stays, and both indoor and outdoor activities for you and your sweet heart.

Romantic Options in Vienna and Fairfax:

6. Charlottesville

The CliftonPhoto Credit: Ashley Cox

Livability offers a list of Top 10 Romantic Cities and this historic area of Virginia happens to sit at number four. Bordered to the West by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville’s backdrop is the epitome of romance in Virginia.

Romantic Options in Charlottesville:

7. Richmond

Richmond Skyline
Virginia’s capital city has history, luxury shopping, and critically acclaimed restaurants. Oh, and did we forget that Richmond also offers plenty of romance?

Romantic Options in Richmond:

  • The Jefferson Hotel is a historic luxury hotel in the heart of the city.
  • Lemaire Restaurant is the romantic restaurant located inside the Jefferson Hotel.
  • Maymont is a public landmark in Richmond that has a nature center, wildlife exhibits, Japanese gardens, and many more attractions open to the public year-round.
  • Can Can Brasserie is a Parisian-style restaurant in the Carytown area of Richmond that serves delicious French cuisine, along with an impressive selection of wines and beers from around the globe.

8. Washington

Image Courtesy of the Inn at Little Washington

Washington is a secluded paradise where you can celebrate romance at the highest rated lodging in Virginia. Within this small town, you’ll find quality cuisine, luxury shopping, and plenty of charm that will make you fall in love all over again.

Romantic Options in Washington:

9. Williamsburg

HR10012201V_002.TIFPhoto Credit: Kelly J. Mihalcoe

One of the oldest settled areas in America, Williamsburg has a way of transporting you to simpler times without removing the modern conveniences of your life.

Romantic Options in Williamsburg:

10. Orange


Photo Credit: Aaron Watson, @aaronwatsonphotography

Orange is a charming town about a half hour northeast of Charlottesville, and like its nearby neighbor, there are plenty of romantic wineries in the region. Visit Orange for a quiet yet intimate stay at one of the inns or bed and breakfasts in the area.

Romantic Options in Orange:

11. Abingdon

BR20111201V_029.JPGPhoto Credit: Michael Speed, @photosbyspeed

If you’re in southwest Virginia and looking for romance, there is no better place than Abingdon. This town offers stunning Virginia scenery, romantic bed and breakfasts, and plenty of outdoor activities for couples basking in love.

Romantic Options in Abingdon:

Tell us, where is your favorite romantic spot in Virginia?