Plan Your Sustainable Vacation Here

Virginia is for Lovers is a proud supporting partner of the Virginia Green program, our state’s initiative to encourage green practices in all aspects of our tourism industry.PLFeature-GreenLogosm

Virginia Green participants have made voluntary commitments to reduce their impacts on the environment. You can reduce your own environmental footprint simply by supporting certified Virginia Green partners — just look for the Virginia Green logo! 

Start planning your Virginia Green vacation below and explore green-certified hotels, restaurants, tastings rooms, activities, and festivals and events all across the state.




More about Virginia Green

The Virginia Green program is administered through a unique partnership supported by the Virginia Tourism Corporation, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the Virginia Restaurant Lodging & Travel Association. The certification itself is administered by the Virginia Green Travel Alliance, a 501c3 non-profit organization created to support green tourism efforts statewide. You can learn more about the Virginia Green Certification process by clicking here.

The Virginia Green program depends upon customer feedback to help fix problems and encourage partners to continue to improve. Click the feedback link and email us your thoughts.

Follow the Seven Leave No Trace Principles

Vacations may be relaxing and stress-free for most travelers, but they tend to put stress on the environment, from additional refuse in the form of travel bottles and disposable items to the abundance of trash created from to-go foods and beverages consumed while on the road. However, just a few small changes can make a big environmental impact, preserving Virginia’s parks, roadways, and stunning outdoor treasures for future generations to come. Follow the Seven Leave No Trace Principles while vacationing in Virginia, then use these eco-friendly travel ideas to ensure an environmentally responsible getaway in Virginia.

  1. Plan Ahead & Prepare
  2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  3. Dispose of Waste Properly
  4. Leave What You Find
  5. Minimize Campfire Impacts
  6. Respect Wildlife
  7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors