Bring LOVE to Your Wedding

Share the LOVE on Your Wedding Day!

Virginia is for Lovers’ iconic “LOVE” artworks can be seen all across the state. Visitors absolutely adore taking their photos in front of these giant letters.

Now, you can have your very own set of LOVE letters on your special day!


Why You Will LOVE Them

These giant signs just scream fun, and are a great way to add personality to your big day. The LOVE letters offer a perfect backdrop for photo opportunities of the bride & groom, family, and friends.


What You Need to Know

  • Each letter stands 6’ tall.
  • The LOVE letters will be delivered, installed, and broken down by Virginia Tourism Corporation staff.
  • These LOVE letters are booking fast, so be sure to reserve yours soon.
  • Please OK this installation with your venue before booking.
  • Total cost (delivery, set-up, break-down included): $1,000


How to Get Them

Simple! Just fill out this form and email to Noelle Baker at



“The LOVE letters were such an outstanding centerpiece at our wedding. People loved taking their pictures in front of them, and were so surprised to see them. It was the perfect way to add a little pizzazz and personality to our perfect day, and made our wedding feel even more ‘Virginia’ to us!” – Caroline Logan, married May 2014, Bolling Haxall House, Richmond.

Governor Terry McAuliffe performs a wedding ceremony for a lesbian couple“Virginia is a very special place for us. Though we are from other states, we both went to college here in the Commonwealth. It was during that time when we first met at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington.  A few years later, our first date was in Staunton, and soon enough we fell in love and got married in Richmond.  Our long-distance relationship (Roanoke to Richmond) kept us on the road, and it gave us an appreciation for how wonderful Virginia truly is. Having the LOVE letters at our wedding helped make the setting even more special. More than a backdrop for photos with friends and family, it was part of our story. For the majority of our guests who were from out of state, it was the perfect reminder of that timeless slogan: Virginia Is For Lovers.” – Marit Lamar, married June 2013, Wilton House Museum, Richmond.


Here in Virginia, it’s pretty easy to tell: we love LOVE. From our iconic Virginia…