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Jarrell Williams of Nomarama is the father of two beautiful boys, Lennon & Leo, and promotes a lifestyle of positivity, self-worth and exploring the world with his partner, Heidi Joy. His online brand, Nomarama, highlights an authentic lifestyle of travel, food, power of play and exploration of nature, all while supporting local businesses. 

You don't want to miss his shows The City with Bite or Just Droppin’ In where he takes you on food journeys around the state and beyond. He’s a busy guy so you might also recognize him from his once annual Slider Competitions, his small business incubator: the Munchie Market, or his adventures as a tourism ambassador, nature aficionado, and overall creative powerhouse for expanding the limits of what “the norm” can be!


Black travel is essential because I still feel like many of us don’t travel enough. Whether it’s fear based, feeling like we don’t belong, financial restrictions, or thinking that places or experiences are so far out of reach- to see a black traveler gives other black and brown people a level of inspiration. I used to always say, “if I see someone that looks like me going somewhere I’m interested in, then I’m more likely to try it myself.” Over time people would start to tell me that I’m an example of this. Initially, I felt bashful to hear this, but these days, I walk in that light boldly and proudly. - Jarrell Williams

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  • Eat Mashita -it’s a Korean fusion taste bud explosion that I did not expect to find in Harrisonburg. It’s always fun to see what chef and owner Mikey comes up with. I mean come one loaded Korean hot dogs… kimchi fries and sake cocktails?? Everything is always super on point!
  • EJC Arboretum- I love how EJC presents a nice and easy access to nature. 1, being in the middle of the city of Harrisonburg but also 2, being part of the JMU campus. With it being centrally located, EJC both introduces and encourages students who aren’t as familiar with the outdoors to actually venture out. I like to think that this can then carry over into their lives post graduation. 

EJC Arboretum

  • Lola’s Delicatessen- The sandwiches are suuuper fire! From either their signature sammies a creation of your own or one of their weekly specials, I’m never disappointed. Plus they have gluten free bread!
  • Village Juice & Kitchen- At one time my food focus was whatever the hot go-to item was…I was crushing it. Donuts, burgers, pizza, fried everything, you name it. I mean don’t get me wrong, I still very much LOVE all those items but after getting hit with some food intolerances, it’s awesome to find a place that focuses on healthy options (made with love!) without sacrificing taste.
  • Merge Coffee Company- I learned a LOT about coffee just from the very first time we went to Merge Coffee Co. Like one of the owners, Darryl, I got into coffee through cold brew but I more so love their approach to it and how he brings his background love for marketing and branding into so much of what they do.


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