The Birthplace of American Spirits

Virginia is the Birthplace of American Spirits — the first batch of whiskey was distilled right here in 1620. From there, George Washington went on to be the biggest producer of Virginia whiskey during his time, producing more than 11,000 gallons in 1798 alone.

Virginia has many distilleries where you can visit their tasting rooms, and learn about the process distilling process firsthand, while sipping and savoring batch spirits and craft cocktail samples. We invite you to meet our spirits’ caretakers, the craftsmen and women who are eager to welcome you with warm hospitality, while sharing anecdotes behind every barrel of Virginia whiskey, behind each bottle of Virginia gin, behind every glass of Virginia brandy and more. When spirits are handcrafted and drinks are slowly savored, every sip tells a story.

Like everything in life, we believe in moderation. Enjoy responsibly.