You know our heart, now meet our soul.

More than 1.7 million Black residents call Virginia home. We acknowledge our complicated history and uplift the stories that for too long were not told. Black history is Virginia history, but more than that, it is American history. We are home to the longest continuous experience of Black life and culture in the country, spanning more than four centuries. In the words of Pusha T, who represented the Heart & Soul of the 757 last year, “Virginia, as a whole, is a place that’s given me so much perspective.” This year, we’re working to tell the story of Virginia from an outsider’s point of view, welcoming creators who celebrate Black culture around the world.

Follow along on our social channels as they connect with the stories of Black Virginia, from the banks of the James in Richmond to the Potomac in Alexandria, and the spot where it all began – Hampton. 

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