The Town of Tappahannock is a historic, waterfront community nestled along the shore of the Rappahannock River on the Middle Peninsula. Located on the outskirts of Essex County, a community rich in history, the Town of Tappahannock is the oldest town in Essex County. Tappahannock is a rural, coastal community full of attractions, savory destinations, and an array of lodging to accommodate your stay.

Tappahannock was established by Act of the Virginia Legislature at James City in 1682 and is support by over 400 years of history. Rich historical stories, events and transformations helped shape the waterfront community into the Town of Tappahannock. Tappahannock you’ll find ample historic structures, artifacts, and remnants that will take you back to the early centuries. Unfold the rich heritage and history within Tappahannock through historical tours, visiting the Essex County Historical Museum, visiting the 17 historical markers and war memorials, taking a historic charter tour on the Rappahannock River, and much more.   

Tappahannock is primarily known for outdoor activities, premiere shopping, and savory destinations with an array of unique lodging choices. Whether you’re looking for a new picnic spot, want to cast a line or just want to enjoy some fresh air, the Rappahannock River Park is the perfect spot. Get a firsthand experience of the Rappahannock River by booking a cruise with a local charter. Explore the retail offerings in Tappahannock, from locally owned boutiques, home furnishing shops, and antiques to add to your collections.

Tappahannock is primarily known for fresh, local seafood, but it doesn’t stop there. Satisfy all your seafood, Italian, American, Mexican, sweet tooth cravings with a visit to one or all the eateries. There is an array of lodging available to accommodate your stay in Tappahannock from bed and breakfasts, riverfront properties, 5-star hotels and much more. Whether you enjoy history, the outdoors, retail therapy, satisfying your savory cravings, or are just looking for a place to retreat come visit us on the river!