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Xavier Tramaine Duckett is a community leader, artist, entrepreneur, traveler, and mentor based in Roanoke, VA, where he was raised in a culture of service, generosity, and love for community. In 2015, Xavier moved back to Roanoke after finishing his football career at ODU, with the mission to not only give back to his community, but to uplift it. He recognized the need for local youth empowerment programs and founded a nonprofit organization in October 2015 with that in mind: The Humble Hustle Co. Xavier has leveraged his diverse background to impact youth and inspire others. His work continues to uplift his community and its members.


"I think Black culture is what holds Virginia together. Virginia is a state where people get confused if it's the north or the south, the beauty of that is that you can find both cultures here. Black Culture in northern Virginia is much faster than cities like Richmond and Roanoke, but the diversity of it all is what makes Virginia an exciting place to visit, because nothing is the same anywhere. Black Culture is seen through our Historically Black Colleges and Universities, which allows people from other states to travel here to not only be entertained, but to be educated too. Black Culture runs through every part of Virginia, especially the tidewater being such a historical place, it just needs to be highlighted even more in certain areas. That will allow even more travelers to want to broaden their travel ideas into these hidden gems that Virginia has to offer. I believe Black culture is what keeps Virginia a special place." - Xavier Tramaine Duckett

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Check out Xavier's City Guide for Roanoke.

  • Lucky, Sidecar, Bloom (Bars) - Unfortunately there was no way that I would be able to just pick one. All of these restaurants/bars are my favorite “city bars”; their aesthetics, energy and vibes are unmatched for bars in Roanoke. Did I forget to mention the food and drinks? Chef's Kiss! They allow me a place to escape when I am having one of those weeks where I wish I was in D.C, or New York.Xavier Duckett
  • The Collective (Working Space) - The Collective is an entrepreneurial hub in the heart of NW Roanoke, VA. The Collective is a contagious, energetic space that provides entrepreneurs, creatives, and artists, a space to create, co-work, and collaborate. Whether you're just riding by to see the murals and see more of the city, or you spend some time there working on your projects or meeting with someone to brainstorm a creative idea. The art was curated by myself and painted by one of the greatest, Bryce Cobbs. The Collective is home to many of Roanoke's Black entrepreneurs.
  • Soshal Selfie Studio (Fun) - This is one of the newest spots in Roanoke. A friend of mine who is black woman entrepreneur with a hustler spirit and a humble mentality created a selfie studio that has dozens of different backdrops, props, and rooms that any and every one can stop by and snap it up and enjoy for the day.
  • RND Coffee ( Coffee and Tea) - This was really hard to pick as well. There are several tea shops, and coffee shops that I frequent but this Black owned coffee shop had to make the list. They deserve their flowers for staying progressive. Not only is the coffee & tea a hit, but the food and snacks are a must! RND provides a very dope working environment where you can grab your favorite teas, coffee, food, and meet with people in a cool upcoming neighborhood called Wasena, which also has several other food attractions in the same vicinity.
  • Screaming Vegan (Food) - There are several amazing vegan restaurants in the city, but Screaming Vegan has to be one of my favorites. This is another gem that’s in the heart of the NW community. I don't eat fast food much, but if I do, I most definitely stop by here. You will not believe the food that you are able to pick from!


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